• Thankful For Our Community: Contest Time!

    The season of thanksgiving is upon us, and we here at The Reserve Pool wanted to continue to give thanks for you, our awesome community. So starting today and going through the next week we want to run two social media contests as a way of saying “thanks” for all you do here and around the internet to get our information out!

    We have a few different ways to enter this contest:

    This week:
    1-Follow us on Twitter HERE and retweet the contest post from each morning
    Each retweet and each follow gets you an entry

    Next week:
    2-Follow us on Facebook HERE and share the contest post from each morning
    Each follow and each share gets you an entry

    What is the contest for you ask? Well I am glad you did! We will have a Twitter winner and a Facebook winner and will mail to these two randomly chosen winners 2 rares and 2 OP cards each (4 cards for each winner). Use them to boost your own collection or trade for the cards you need or pass them forward to a new player to add to their growing collections.

    The contest officially starts this morning, and each day over the contest week we will post a link to share. Enter once or enter often. Anyone that shares your shared or retweeted posts counts for one more entry for you.

    These will close on Saturday December 5th for the Twitter contest and December 12th for the Facebook contest and winners will be announced the following week. Good luck to everyone entering!
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    1. Sundown's Avatar
      Sundown -
      Wow, can't believe I actually won something. Thanks guys for the cool contest, and all that you do.
    1. StrieEyes's Avatar
      StrieEyes -
      Did I miss the FaceBook contest?
    1. Ressless's Avatar
      Ressless -
      Whatabout people that followed already trp on facebook? and the link for Facebook doesnt work since released.