• Reading The Rainbow Amazing Spider-Man Draft Episode 3 The Rainbow

    Welcome back Folks! Last time we talked about win conditions in teh ASM draft format, and what types fo synergy we should look for. Today we're going to go back to a post type that I haven't done in a while, and thatwill eb to introduce the rainbow and specifically look at it in depth. We'll be looking for die counts that are low and high, characters that might just e missing outright, and taking a guess at the distribution of cards.

    First things first, our friendly neighborhood Rainbow:

    Well, looking at the Rainbow, let's start with characters that we only have one die of, because there are quite a few of those. First of course there's Zombie Venom, a decent die, but nothing we should be really affraid of. He has a decent ability in set, but nothig that can win the game outright. We also only have one die of each of our Amazing Friends Firestar and Iceman. With one die, we almsot have to assume they are common cards, and looking at the common versions of those characters, there isn't alot we need to go out of our way to get. Firestar is expensive, if not decent removal, and iceman is just a very fragile blocker. Lastly we have Carnage, a solid, if not expensive overcrush character, that can combo with action dice such as Exposed. Not a first pick, but not bad either.

    Next we have the few and far between. Iron Spider, Luke Cage, and Sandman are sparse dice we are in none too much of a hurry to snatch up. On the other hand the sparse Kingpin and Spider-Man die counts give us some early objectives to draft up. Spider-Man specifically should be a die we never pass up because of his ablity to give us solid discounts on dice. Late game Kingpin gives us great removal and pressure if we ring magic missile.

    For dice with a count of three, we have to keep in mind that one of them is likely to be either rare or uncommon. In the cases of Spider-woman, White Tiger, Ghost Rider and Silver Sable though, we know better. These starter cards are 3 copies of the same card, and in the case fo Silver Sable, that is an amazingly good oportunity for us to pick up a power house card! We also have the much less enticing Gwen Stacy and Daredevil cards with a count fo three. Lastly Agent Venom might have a rare in field, Cloak has a power house common and every copy we can get our hands on of the Scarlet Spider die is a victory.

    Four copies of Hulk, Blink, Wolverine, Glaiator and Rhino are all unimpressive draft picks, unlike the 4 count of Black Widow, with he cheap cost soild stats and chip damage abilities. We also see Kraven who has a great common card, Spider-Girl with solid options at every rarity and Goblin Glider who can fetch us much needed villain win conditions. Speaking of win conditions, with a quick look at the Vulture and Lizard die counts, Green Goblin 4 cout has promise of there being a Green Goblin uncommon to set up their combos more efficiently. We also have a decent shot at Rare Mary Jane with her power win condition, and Mysterio's global is also likely to be something we can pick up.

    At a 5 count we see Doctor Octopus, Blade and Dagger; all solid dice, with decent stats and abilities to help us flesh out or team after we pick up some win conditions. Hobgoblin and Webshooters can give us some problem solving capabilities to couter our opponents, but it's really Black Cat and Vulture that stand out at this die count. Black Cat for her chance at being a Super Rare, and quality on every rarity level and Vulture for his chances of being the power house uncommon.

    Lastly we're looking at the over inflated 6 count dice. Electro having a count that high is unfortunate, especially given his midling quality. Aunt May at that rarity encourages a shield based economy, and makes take a serious look at what basica actions to bring because of that prevelence of shields. Lastly, Lizard. This guy's uncommon can be just as much of a win condition as Vulture, if we can get some decent removal going on.

    Well, that's the rainbow. It looks like the most reliable win condition to draft will be something with Lizard or Silver Sable making something unblockable to smash in for the win. Someone is going to get a vulture, and maybe even a Mary Jane, so we should look at punishing Overcrush and or Unblockable which ever one we don't bring. It will be an interesting draft, to say the least, what would you hope to get?
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    1. Necromanticer's Avatar
      Necromanticer -
      Looking at this Rainbow, I see a lot of Vulture which immediately gets me thinking towards using and abusing him. There's also a silly amount of Aunt May which can work for ramp and getting guys on the board. Sadly, my beloved Carnage only has a single die, so I can't really go down that route. Instead, I'd be gunning for Silver Sable/Vulture live everybody and settling for Value Villains if that didn't pan out. Hobgoblin and Green Goblin can provide extremely value stats for their cost and the same goes for Vulture regardless of whether or not we get the uncommon. Kraven also makes a great beatstick with a consistently high attack value. The key strategy would be to survive long enough to play down a Villainous Pact to swing for lethal. Kingpin provides a nice late-game pickup for if I can't get setup fast enough and I can rely on Lizard actually doing something if I only have to keep one blocker off him with Villainous Pact.

      It would definitely come down to what I could draw into, but it's a consistent enough win condition that deals with enough of the threats present in set that I'd be fairly confident I could do well with it. I love Villanous Pact in draft!