• The Reserve Pool Podcast Season 2 Episode 5 Reading the Spider Rainbow

    Isaac and Shadowmeld Get together to talk about all of the best draft cards in the Amazing Spider-Man set, as well as some of the best cartoons ever created.

    As usual, Nick Sutphin brings us some awesome artwork!

    Finally, take a look on thereservepool.com for more highlights of the PDC results, announcements for WizKids Regionals and the daily Rules Forum updates we have been getting lately.

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    1. pizzarony's Avatar
      pizzarony -
      Now I want to draft ASM...
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Great artwork!!
    1. Nickbert51's Avatar
      Nickbert51 -
      Hey thanks Isaac! Channeling my inner Ryan Stegman.
    1. gladiator_posse's Avatar
      gladiator_posse -
      If we're reminiscing about Nickelodian, where's the love for the Adventures of Pete and Pete? The ONLY kids show with Iggy Pop

      POC on the Mary Jane comment (or any Ally)> She would not be considered a sidekick while in the used pile--only after being fielded and before being KO'd, correct? Meaning, you could not use PXG to roll an ally die.
    1. GrahamA's Avatar
      GrahamA -
      Great talk about drafting ASM, enjoy reading these series of articles. I saw on another website the idea of constructing a team from one set; perhaps your final article could be something similar? Any card from the set but only that set including BACs.
      Very much looking forward to your PDC team and especially the explanation that goes with it, including first 3 turns and piloting tips - I find piloting the hardest part of this game.