• Working the Wiki, Part 3: Ability Templates

    Working the Wiki, Volume 3: Ability Templates

    Short one today, continuing talking about Templates. Templates make it a lot easier to enter data in one place, and have it show up everywhere else. This is very nice when referring to abilities. Let's use the example of Overcrush. There are currently (according to DiceMastersDB) 14 cards with the keyword "Overcrush" on them. This can be a somewhat confusing ability, so it's nice if you go to each card's page to see what the clarifications on Overcrush are. But it's a big pain to have to type that all out 14 different times. Plus, if WKRF decides to issue a further clarification, do we really want to go to all 14 pages and add that clarification in?

    That's where templates come in. There is currently a template called "Overcrush", which lists some of the basic rules clarifications from WKRF. On each card's individual page, under the "Clarifications" section, all you need to do is type {template=Overcrush}{/template} (replacing {} with [] ) and it will automatically show all the clarifications. In addition, it will add the keyword "Overcrush" to the list of tags at the bottom of the page, so you can click on there and find all cards with the Overcrush keyword. And if/when anything changes, all that needs edited is the template in one location.

    What other templates are there? Currently "When Damaged", "Free to Field", & "Draw Dice". I'm also working on "Teamwork" and "Teamwatch" but there haven't really been many explicit clarifications on those yet.

    If you want to help create/use these templates, please let me know! Or just go do it!

    TRABAJO COLABORATIVO [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], by SEGUNDO GUAMAN (Own work), from Wikimedia Commons