• The Sunday Edition

    Welcome to the Sunday Edition here at The Reserve Pool. This has been a great week leading up to the Christmas season, and we hope you and yours have been able to enjoy all of the holiday sights and sounds.

    Around here, Shadowmeld took a week off of being in the rainbow to bring us a collection of some of his favorite blogs and a brand new video series by some of our TRP members HERE.

    Tuesday found my favorite meta expert and all-around awesome guy JT writing about the current meta and what the PDC is starting to show us when it comes to competitive teams and how they play. Find his analysis HERE and be prepared for him to further break down the competitive field as it opens wide nationally.

    Thursday dropped episode 5 of the second season of The Reserve Pool podcast in which Shadowmeld shared with us his favorite new team, “The Hulk Meta”that won him his PDC store event recently. Also him and Isaac discuss their favorite gift ideas for the discerning Dice Masters fan for Christmas or any other special occasion. Find that podcast link HERE. This is the last podcast of 2015, but we will be back the first week of January with our regular new co-hosts Isaac and Shadowmeld.

    Friday brings one of my favorite contributors and his “All I want for Christmas” list for all things Dice Masters. Check that article out HERE.

    Saturday Pk2317 brings us a closer look at the Wiki and how you can best utilize this tool on our site. Find his insight about ability templates HERE.

    Next week stay tuned for more information about the PDC, Christmas greetings and a return to the rainbow among other surprises. How is your week going there in your area? What's on your Christmas wish list? Discuss below and have a great week!