• Reading the Rainbow Amazing Spider-Man Draft Episode 4 The First Hand

    Welcome Back Folks. Two weeks ago we did an article about Reading the ASM Rainbow. We also dropped a podcast where we talked about the ASM Draft as a whole. Last we we skipped our regular update, and today we're going to try a slightly different format for Reading the Rainbow. Instead of me posting the cards one hand at a time, I'm going to give you both packs of 12, a quick run down of what I think is good, and hopefully foster a discussion in the comments below about what choices you would make differently, what choices you like and what your over all strategy would be. If the new format isn't a big hit, I'll switch back to the old one after the Holidays, but I wanted to try something new, and see where it leads.

    Here is our Friendly Neighborhood Rainbow:

    Ok, our first pack is nothing all that amazing, besides Spider-Man himself.

    And second Pack has everyone's favorite win condition, Vulture!

    Looking these hands over, and referencing the Rainbow, there are a few statements I can make right off the bat.
    1) None of the 6 or 7 cost characters is even worth considering. All of them have either highly situational abilities or lower than average stats for someone of that cost. Anything that expensive should win you the game. The only one that even comes close is Blade, but he really just isn't worth it.

    2) Most of the 5 cost characters are also in the same boat.With Hobgoblin being situationally the best, for his Sacrifice trigger and global reaction.

    3) Anything 4 cost or lower that has a TFC higher than it's actual cost needs to be something we REALLY get our money for. Spider-Girl and Lizard meet that qualification, Gwen Stacy and Spider-Woman do not.

    4) Lastly, looking at the rainbow, the hardest to get of all of the cards we see will be Spider-Man, Iron Spider and White Tiger, with Spider-Man being the optimal choice to take, either for Hate drafting or for utilizing.

    With these three observations made, I would quickly chose Spider-Man from the first pack and Vulture from the second. I've beat the reasons for those guys to death, and I'm sure many would agree with me, but do you? Have another consideration? Comment below.

    As a side note, even if you did agree with me, what would you expect to wheel around in a 6 man draft, that you would be looking to pick up to supplement those first picks? Again, join the conversation below! Or, if you hate this format of RtR, also let me know.
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    1. ccm00007's Avatar
      ccm00007 -
      All I can think about is how I'd like being on the receiving end of that second pack after you pick. Seriously, even after you'd pick Vulture, I'd still be able to choose between two cheap beatsticks (Dagger and Lizard; my choice would depend on whether I'm leaning towards Villains or Spider-Friends), a cheap Ally for ramp (Aunt May), or one of two pretty decent 6-cost characters (Doc Oc and Blade). I'm not an expert in drafting, but that's not a bad selection to choose from.
    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      I completely agree with your first 2 picks, and here is why. I think you're right that you can't overstate the importance of drafting Spider-Man, even (or especially) as a "hate draft" so you won't be facing it. Also, as to the last point you made, I think I would be drafting Spidey at least in part because with 4 MJs and 6 Aunt Mays on the table I expect them to come back around, for me or for someone else. It's like seeing a dollar lying in the street, if you don't bend down and pick it up, someone else will. As for Vulture, even if you don't get him set up for the win condition, if you get the bonus to go off at level 2 he can KO anything else in the draft so far except Doc Oc at Lvl 2 or 3, Iron Spider at Lvl 3, or Hulk at Lvl 2 or 3. Pretty good beat stick for a 4 pt character that only costs 1 pt to put out at Lvl 3 (where he could take out the Lvl 2 Hulk). With all of those characters costing so much more to deploy (not just purchase), Vulture would just make too much economic sense for me to pass up. (But that Blade card is like a second piece of cake after dinner; it may not be good for me, but I want it so bad I can taste it.)
    1. gkpon66's Avatar
      gkpon66 -
      Like the format, too bad these two sets were limited on starting picks. Harder choice would be being next. First 6 I'd go with MJ and second pack I'd go with spider girl, figuring Doc would swing back.
    1. CeeQue's Avatar
      CeeQue -
      Wow, that first pack, I don't even know, Iron Spidey probably wheels, I guess you could take Goblin Glider for vulture, I guess...
      Second pack is a bit better, but still probably picking from Gwen or Spider Woman, neither one optimal, might have a shot at Blade for second dessert. With Spiderman's discount if you found the UC Gwen that helps with fielding; that might not be the worst.