• The More You Know - With MDCVH Vol. 4

    Attachment 3727Welcome to the Master Doctor Count Von Homash Mailbag. MDCVHM for short. The mailbag has its first actual questions!! Iím so excited I donít actually know what to do about it. I only edited the parts with dirty words. Here we go!

    Is it true you made the commencement officials say ďdoctorĒ before your name at your graduation?
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: Is it true you put the Canadian National Champion WES badge as your avatar on TRP?

    And weíre off to a great start. Whatís your favorite thing about this time of year?
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: Itís less about this year and more about the current state of affairs in the nation in which you live that people lose their minds over some of the most ridiculous things and let other things go virtually unaddressed. Funny (sheesh) not funny (haha). I actually like the ritual of traditions. Thereís something to be said for the power that repeating routine has to make old things new again.

    Wow, thatís kind of deep Ė Iím not going to ask you anything elseÖletís leave it at that and get to the mailbag!
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sounds good Ė go for it, Lunchbox.

    When running with Kraven the Hunter: Sergei Kravenoff and Silver Sable: Hero for Hire, could I field Kraven and sacrifice Silver Sable to make Kraven unblockable with +3A ?

    Kraven the Hunter : Sergei Kravenoff - When fielded, you may sacrifice a character die to give Kraven +3A until end of turn

    Silver Sable: Hero for Hire - You may sacrifice Silver Sable during your Main Step. If you do, target character die is unblockable this turn.

    If this is allowed, can you please state it in a way that correctly applies to other situations if any?

    - JG
    MDCVH: This is the same as trying to pay a to buy a common Morphing Jar and use the Professor X Global. Itís a reasonable question since this is a newly defined game mechanic, but it does not and cannot work that way.

    Iím being attacked by a sidekick and a level 1 Black Widow: Stinger. If I block with Vulture: Adrian Toomes, do I need to assign a 2nd blocker to avoid the damage from the sidekick? I understand I take 1 dmg from Black Widow. Black Widow is irrelevant other than this being the actual scenario I faced. Itís more about her defense value being 1.

    Vulture: Adrian Toomes - When Vulture blocks deal 1 damage to each attacking character die. When any character die leaves the Field Zone, Vulture gets +4A until end of turn.

    Does the damage from Vulture happen before the combat damage resolves?
    To me, it reads like when he is ASSIGNED to blockÖ
    - JG
    MDCVH: Your interpretation is precisely correct. The ability processes immediately after being assigned to block. Got a level one Vulture and your opponent swings with 3 sidekicks and a level 3 Colossus? Block the Colossus and KO everything after getting the bonus to Vultureís attack.

    So I just read the ruling on Meraís Global interaction with Human Paladins Ability. Iím a math guy not an English guy but since it is my first language, I do have some bearing on the different parts of a sentence are. The word ďitĒ is referring to the attacking character. It feels a lot like Spider-manís ability to set the players health to 10. Mera is setting the characters attack to 2, instead of 5 (or more).

    That is exactly affecting a character in the field. It is affecting their attack by setting it to 2.
    I donít know if you have the ear of one of the WizKids rules people, but has this argument been made already?
    - JG
    MDCVH: I think this argument has been made repeatedly. This global is great for the game. If you donít like it, play around it. I do wish it had been phrased slightly more clearly, but given the ruling(s) on WKRF, we know exactly how it is to be played, and that is enough for me.

    Those were all the questions submitted this week Ė are there any lingering thoughts youíd like to share?
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: Whatever you do, own it. Make a mistake? Own it. Have a misplay? Donít get bent out of shape over it Ė own it. Be a woman or man or young woman or young man who can frame failure or success with the appropriate perspective.

    Wait, explain that for a minute.
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: This is not about Miss Universe. Itís not about politics. Itís not about deflated footballs, drug price gouging, black baseball bats, The Force being Awakened, or even potty breaks on live TV. Itís about being mature enough to do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons with the right attitude. Wouldnít each of our communities be better off if more people did that?

    ÖI canít think of any reason they wouldnít. That might be the most meaningful thing youíve ever said.
    MDCVH: Donít get soft, now. Iím really just talking about not being a sore loser when you play me.

    Thatís more like it. Any final thoughts?
    MDCVH: Nothing quite like a kindred spirit to put you in the mood for this weekís holiday

    And there you have it - the MDCVH mailbag. Join us again in two weeks when MDCVH answers more questions. At least he will if anyone asks... Don't forget to submit yours to MasterDoctorCountVonHomash@gmail.com!
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    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      "Itís about being mature enough to do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons with the right attitude."-MDCVH

      Could not have said it better myself. Great advice Doctor!