• Merry Christmas from The Reserve Pool!

    Merry Christmas from all of us here at The Reserve Pool to all of you out there in our portion of the world we call community here in Dice Masters. Thank you for joining us this year, and we look forward to spending the rest of the year reflecting on what 2015 has brought to our gaming community as well as looking forward to 2016. So enjoy your day with family and friends or whatever else it brings, and we hope Santa has brought you everything on your list!
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    1. djcannonmi's Avatar
      djcannonmi -
      Merry Christmas to you all. May your dice roll in your favor except against me, lol.
    1. Wargfn's Avatar
      Wargfn -
      Happy Holidays!
    1. Jwannabe's Avatar
      Jwannabe -
      Thanks for all you do on the website!
    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      I hope that everyone in the Dice Masters community and here at The Reserve Pool have had the happiest of holidays. Reading this site and participating in the comments has become a big part of my gaming experience and I'm grateful to everyone who makes it possible.