• The Reserve Pool: Sunday Edition

    Hello to all of our friends out there in the Dice Mastering world, welcome to the Sunday edition of the week of Christmas 2015. We hope that you have had a great week and have had plenty of time with family and friends. A few of us are on vacation around here at TRP, but we made sure to fill the week with plenty of excellent content for all of you. Here is a quick rundown of what we had last week.

    Monday saw the return of Shadowmeld and Reading the Rainbow, where he took a different look at the first and second hands and asked you to give your best shot at picking. Read the article HERE and see what you think!

    Tuesday gave us the latest installment of Master Doctor Count Von Homash and his words of wisdom both in the game and out of the game. Read HERE for all of the knowledge you cannot live without from our resident genius.

    Also that day we saw a great self-analysis article written by Trubie looking at his attempts to put together his best PDC team and make it work on paper and in play. Read his work HERE and see how maybe you aren't the only one out there with analysis paralysis.

    Thursday we took off the first of two weeks from the podcast since Shadow and I are family and vacation committed, but fear not, we will be back the first week of January with a new episode!

    Friday we sent Christmas greeting from all of us to all of you. See the great Peanuts-style graphic HERE.

    And on Saturday we highlighted a forum post from Wargfn looking at the new D&D OP kits coming this winter. Swarm, blank arts and a new Gelatanious Cube? Sign us up! See the post HERE for more info.

    Well that was our week, how was yours? See you next week where we look back a little at 2015 and look ahead as to what is coming in 2016!