• 2015 Year In Review: My favorite Reading the Rainbow

    Hey folks, Isaac here. Today while my partner in prime is off on vacation, I wanted to share with you a reflection of my favorite Reading the Rainbow episode from 2015. Shadowmeld has had some great analysis all year, and this particular article was no exception. In it, he looks at the YuGiOh set along with having a special guest drafter with him, none other than co-creator of the game Mike Elliot. Take a look again at this article or if you missed it the first time around take a look now.

    You can find the link HERE for the full read. Enjoy!
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    1. Hilgendwarf's Avatar
      Hilgendwarf -
      That was a great article from Shadowmeld! It's always fun to hear those other perspectives on what they would value in a draft! Thanks for all the great content over the last year guys! Happy New Year!