• So what all is in the Wiki?

    Rather than another article on updating the Wiki, I thought I'd take a few minutes and point out some of the things currently found in our Wiki. Not all are fully fleshed out, but you are welcome to help with that

    Lexicon - not only does this contain all official DiceMasters Keywords, it also includes common abbreviations (PXG, BEWD, etc.) and slang terms (Ramp, Churn, etc.).

    Dice Masters Sets - All officially released info we can find about current and upcoming Dice Masters sets. Forgot what characters have been confirmed so far for Civil War? Check here!

    Card Database - As best as we can, this has every official Dice Masters card released (and/or spoiled!), with full stats, card text, relevant WKRF rulings, and card artwork source. It's a little unwieldy, but pretty darn comprehensive.

    Organized Play - Everything we know about past/current/upcoming OP events/cards.

    Strategy - Here you can find some beginner/introductory strategy articles, as well as some more advanced articles. All pulled (and credited) from elsewhere on the web, and a lot of the specific card examples may be outdated, but it's pretty great information for people getting into the game.

    Hopefully you learned something new, and this can be a valuable resource for you. What do you like to use the Wiki for? What would you like to see added? Let us know, or just hop on in!