• The Reserve Pool Podcast Season 2 Episode 7 The Staff Awakens

    This week's episode we return from break with a load of breaking news. Info on Wizkid Opens, Pro Dice Circuit events and upcoming OP kit releases. We also open up an all call for new staff here at the reserve pool, with a post to follow soon. Lastly we talk about our Christmases and our favorite Holiday stories.

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    Shadowmeld's Hulk Meta Team
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    1. Jthomash2's Avatar
      Jthomash2 -
      Incredible art. Great podcast. What a way to kick off 2016! Love what you guys are doing. Despite being TRP "staff," I look forward to these episodes dropping on Thursdays just like everyone else.
    1. Ressless's Avatar
      Ressless -
      I really enjoyed this episode. Much family things, much holidays, STAR WARS! and i like the talk about the supporting the TRP lines here and there. Go TRP Go!

      But the Thanos OP Cards are not mine, except the art design.

      If my grammar gets better i would to help out with writing, since i only have knowledge about HTML and CSS^^(even an Ape/Ebay User can do that much)^^.
    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      As a DC fan of a certain age (OK, I'm old) I am very excited about the idea that OP might put a boost into a Legion of Doom team. Great podcast.