• "Hello, I'm New": Introduction

    Here at the beginning of a new year, I want to start a series that reaches out to the new player. We will still look at covering things within The Transition Zone for those casual players looking to move into a more competitive world in future articles. What this will be is a look into the Dice Masters for brand new players and people who have just started dipping their toes into the game for the first time. It isn't strategy or intricacies of the game, it will instead just be basic components for the new dice master.

    Today in this new series entitled “Hello, I'm New” we will give a call to action, answer a question and pose a question.

    The introduction to this game can be daunting. I firmly believe there is not a single gold standard video providing an explanation for a brand new player. I think we need one in our community, especially one that focuses on gameplay, rules and sequencing you and your opponent will take. I am not the one to make it, but consider this a call to arms for someone out there!

    One of the most consistent questions and statements I have seen come up post-Christmas is this:

    So I got this starter set for (insert set name here) Dice Masters, and it looks cool-what do I do now? What set should I get next? Should I buy singles? Gravity Feeds? Both?

    So for this week let’s answer that question-the benefits of buying singles vs gravity feed/packs when you first get into the game.

    A case for packs and gravity feeds

    If you are just getting going, there is nothing more fun then cracking packs and seeing what you might get. It is exciting to open them up, pull out the dice and see what rarity stripe you get. If you got a specific starter set, I would highly recommend you start with packs from that set. In fact, if it is one of the last 4 sets in rotation, odds are good you can find gravity feeds at a discounted price.

    Packs are a fun way to complete a set, and really as a new player-do you know what you want? Wouldn't it be more fun and exciting to go through a bunch of cards and have the fun of seeing what is available? Buy some packs every time you go to a game store, or Target or wherever you can find them. It is a great way to acquire the extra dice you need and learn about how the different cards interact. And trust me new player, you will want to start seeing all the interactions once you get into the game. Team building and the many varied options we have now are what make this game very enjoyable in playing and brewing.

    A case for singles

    There are a finite amount of “really good” cards in Dice Masters. Many of the cards you will want to play with competitively can be purchased for less than the amount you will spend via chance to pull them. If you really want to get a certain super rare card, the chances of pulling it through packs is significantly less than just spending the money for the card on your own.

    Single commons often be picked up very cheap also, and most dice cost around a quarter to buy at your local game store. So if Marvel is your interest, you could buy a couple of starter sets, a full set of commons and uncommons and the dice to go with them for around $20. This gives you what you need to start playing the game right away. There are enough online resources to see what all is out there, so you can pick and choose what you want to purchase. Unlike other games, you only need the one copy of a rare and can get matching dice for cheap with most commons cards.

    Next time, we will explore specific sets and what to get from them as well. I also want to cover other details for new players, which leads me up to the question for today:

    What do you as a new player want to see covered or explained better? How can we help you along? If you play with new people, what would you like to see us cover that you could forward to them to use as a resource? Comment below or send me a message!
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    1. SirFrankus's Avatar
      SirFrankus -
      Cool idea for a series! I think one thing I'd like to see covered is how intimidating it can be for a new player, financially and competitively. To expand you could also discuss things the local scene and local veterans can do to ease that intimidation.
    1. Jwannabe's Avatar
      Jwannabe -
      There are a few things that would have helped me immensely when I started ( and sometimes even now).

      An article on cards referencing characters (all their dice) vs. Unique characters (only counts 1 no matter how many fielded) vs. Individual die counts (regardless of which character) .

      Also another would be static modifiers, while active/attacking/blocking effects, cards that check board states to modify stats. I'm not sure if that makes sense. Examples would be all the questions Ant man's global causes or how guy gardner blinding rage calculates stats based on characters joining or leaving the field or other similar cards.

      Make and article on damage timing and use hulk, deadpool, and similar characters heavily in your examples. This may be as easy as quoting ruling posts in a collected manner and simplifying it all in one place.

      Globals. Every new player struggles with these. Also it may be a good place to discuss damage from players, combat damage, ability damage, action damage and what types of cards counter each and how reactionary globals work.

      I know this is a lot, but I wanted to get it down before I forgot and maybe help you guys brainstorm articles.
    1. GrahamA's Avatar
      GrahamA -
      I'd like to see some regular updates on the "current" meta as it develops; is the last World's team still the best team? It's difficult to know what's being played, what cards are the "really good" cards in dice masters. The PDC articles are a great benefit in this regard, but we don't get to see them piloted and therefore an explanation of how/why of their construction and goals - very much looking forward to Shadowmeld's team in this regard. I'm hoping that the regionals that are coming up will be published on YouTube. Thanks for all these new series of articles you're creating this year.