• Reading the Rainbow D&D Faerun Under Siege Draft Episode 0 Basic Actions

    Welcome back folks! This time on Reading the Rainbow we'll be talking about the new Dungeons and Dragons Faerun Under Siege set and all of the basic actions we will encounter in this set. Our review of these Basic Action Cards (BACs) is from a perspective of draft usage, but will also be a primer to those who are looking to use them in constructed teams as well.

    As we do not yet have quality scans of the basic action cards, I'll be linking to our wiki pages which provide us with the details of these cards so we can discuss them. Simply click the names of the BACs to open a page with the details and description of the cards we're discussing.

    To begin with let's discuss the cards from most expensive to least expensive, saving what many drafters deem, "the best", for last:

    Delayed Blast Fireball: Just because we are saving the cheap cards for last doesn't mean we can't start with a POWERHOUSE. This BAC is not only our first continuous BAC, but also a solid offensive and defensive tool. Simply throw this baby out and expect to attack through on the next turn for lethal. Some things to keep in mind though, as a BAC your opponent can buy this die too, so be wary of using it in a draft if you aren't going to have characters that can survive the onslaught. Additionally, in draft, KOing your opponent's field can be powerful, but it can also provide them with some quality ramp. Only use this die if you expect to be able to punish your opponent for their soon to be empty field.

    Power Word Kill: Next we have a powerful single target removal effect, but unlike Finger of Death or other non-damaging KO BACs, this one brings us an interesting global that could pair really well with something like Magic Missile.

    Mordenkainens Sword: This BAC is a solid pump effect for most drafts. You may wish to grab a Beholder global to ensure you can use it at the right time, but throw it on an overcrush character and you're talking up to +8/+8 on a single character! The global is also really helpful for picking off a sidekick or finishing off a close engagement.

    Flaming Sword: Equipment BACs are just amazing! They can provide a one sided BAC that only those with equipable characters can use, and once you purchase and field it, you aren't stuck with an action clogging up your bag. This particular equipment can help a low defense character survive a sidekick block, or give a bit of oomph to an overcrushing character.

    Chainmail Armor: Perhaps even better that the sword, this equipment can allow you to protect one of your crucial "while active" characters and protect them from your opponent's when fielded removal effects. The defense provided is just an added benefit.

    Cloudkill: This BAC is an upgrade to the Stinking Cloud BAC from Battle for Faerun. This one is just as strong and powerful as well. As a side note, just because this card mentions your opponent's characters attacking doesn't mean you can play it on your opponent's turn. There have been other cards with this sort of wording and Wizkids has clearly stated that these wording are for niche situations and future game mechanic interactions.

    Banishment: This is the first of our 2 cost BACs, and probably the most situational of the lot. This one will allow us to stall the return of a really pesky opposing character after we KO it, and reduce the prep our opponent has for next turn, but this is a relatively weak effect compared to many of the other basic actions. Though, if you're looking for an action that you don't want your opponent to buy, you could always bring this one.

    Barkskin: Barkskin is just the right price for keeping one character from taking damage for a turn. On top of that it has a great global for keeping a character alive mid combat, especially if you love your shield energy.

    Shocking Grasp: This BAC is actually surprisingly great in draft. You can either get two energy or clear a sidekick and prep a die! Rinse and repeat each turn if you're lucky, or use the energy to make a big purchase.

    Blink-Transmutation: THIS CARD IS AMAZING! To begin with it has the distraction global. As good as it is to have distraction in a set other than AvX, let's look at the action. You can roll the action face and attack with a slew of characters, if your opponent blocks you can keep your characters (that aren't knocked out) and still get 1 damage in per character, if your opponent doesn't block a character, to avoid the damage, they're either going to take the characters's attack anyway or they'll waste energy distracting your characters to maintain the status quo.

    As you can see, there's a plethora of very quality BACs in this set, and when we return next time we'll talk about how we can build a solid economy within the set and draft a solid foundation for our team.
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    1. atom's Avatar
      atom -
      Does Blink-Transmutation stack similar to viscious struggle? Could I have two of them active dealing 2 damage per blocked die?
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by atom View Post
      Does Blink-Transmutation stack similar to viscious struggle? Could I have two of them active dealing 2 damage per blocked die?
      Currently I don't see why they wouldn't stack. The "in addition to normal damage" is an odd caveat but shouldn't really impact this as written.