• The More You Know - Vol. 8

    Attachment 3727Welcome to the Master Doctor Count Von Homash Mailbag. MDCVHM for short. Lots of real questions in the mailbag this week. Iíll do my best to keep it civil. There are a couple questions Iíll share, but probably canít answer. I still only edited the parts with dirty words. Here we go!

    All mighty MDCVH, if you could drive any superhero or supervillain vehicle, which would it be?

    JThomasH2: Why are we feeding this ego like this - "All mighty"?!

    MDCVH: Hush yourself, Tubbo - let the man call it as he sees it. It's not his fault you're a second rate player. Hwetzel, my only answer to your question is, and always will be, the TMNT van. I don't care about the Batmobile, Invisible Car, or whatever else you think you can come up with. 100% party, 100% of the time. Cowabunga!

    What is your preferred method of determining who goes first? Most sidekicks, Action Die (burst or energy), or pistols at 20 paces

    MDCVH: Everyone rolls all their dice. Most total character levels minus total energy rolled multiplied by action faces and divided by sidekicks.

    I am not sure how busy you are but I find that real life sometimes gets in the way of gaming events. I had planned on going to an event on Saturday, but an hour before leaving work on Friday I learned that I would have to work on Saturday and not be able to go. How do you handle such situations.

    MDCVH: I became a boss not so I wouldn't have to deal with these situations, but so that I could manipulate others into them. I don't see a problem with this.

    I hear that WizKids may be rotating Avengers vs. X-men out of tournaments. If this is the case, how would it affect you and what would you do in response?
    - agentj

    MDCVH: If WizKids does anything, they will likely create a new format. One that does not include the earliest iterations of the game. Remember, the format that exists now in competitive play is Unlimited. If WK wants to add formats, I will support it 100%. I will, however, raise a curious eyebrow at the notion that the Unlimited format will go away in favor of a new "Current" or "Recent" format, only including the last X number of sets. I do not foresee a successful strategic decision which substitutes the new format for the existing one. And this is, of course, despite the supply issues the game faced in its infancy. The reality is one does not need Gobby or Tsarina or a Beast wall to win anymore. FUS dropped so much Hulk - Green Goliath hate that it is an absolute wonder the card was chosen to receive an alternate art version as a prize in the WKOs. Also, as such a prize will be numbered something like 2016 WKO #X, there is a serious question as to whether or not it would be excluded from a "Current" format when AVX is.

    I noticed most players do not play with PXG anymore. Did you use PXG? How do you build competitive teams without using PXG?
    - agentj

    MDCVH: PXG is a double edged sword. It allows bigger characters to enter the game on both sides. It allows for a lot of bag manipulation. It allows for a consistently large number of dice to be rolled. If you build without it, be sure your win condition does not require it. Planning for lethal may require looking ahead and being aware of when certain dice will come in your draw and knowing what conditions should be met before drawing them. For example, drawing the Talisman of Ultimate Evil with no characters on the board to KO is not an ideal situation, no matter the threats you're facing. Be prepared to think much harder than "How many masks do I need for full ramp?" if you're not using PXG.

    With the new set out, I have a few questions about all the cool new gear. Since the Rules forum has already commented that dice without stats on them are action dice, does that mean that cards like Red Dragon work to discount gear as well?
    - cjbell42

    MDCVH: Yep. All day long.

    Second, and more importantly, can I equip more than one type of gear and have the different gear give bonuses? I already know from the rules forum that I CAN equip more than one sword in case I'm worried that my Kobold "will lose one" but only one boost is applied. They did not cover the next obvious example of a helmet and a sword, also there are two different swords now. At any rate, thanks for your time, I'll hang up and listen.
    - cjbell42

    MDCVH: Absolutely, positively yes. There's nothing better than a Elf Wizard with a Magic Sword in one hand, a Flaming Sword in the other, with Chainmail Armor under the Robe of the Archmagi, while wearing an Epic Gear Ring and a Magic Helmet. And yes, the Elf Would benefit from them all, despite any redundancies from one piece of gear to another

    Well, MDCVH, we've reached the end of the questions and you managed to not really say anything preposterous or insulting to anyone but me. Feels good, doesn't it?
    - JThomasH2

    MDCVH: You tell me, Lunchbox. I'm just riding this thing out for a payday.

    A payday? You know that scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Gene Wilder tells Peter Ostrum he gets nothing? I feel like that applies here. Just something you should consider. Any final thoughts, MDCVH?
    - JThomasH2

    MDCVH: These guys are probably more your speed, JT...

    And there you have it - the MDCVH mailbag. Join us again in two weeks when MDCVH answers more questions. At least he will if anyone asks... Don't forget to submit yours to MasterDoctorCountVonHomash@gmail.com!
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    1. Bobcat110's Avatar
      Bobcat110 -
      I just wanted to say, that your way of determining who goes first, which is concluded by dividing by sidekicks is soooo dangerous. I would advise against any possibility of this happening.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Nice responses, great questions-I hope you see some WKO related questions next time around!
    1. Basementcuts's Avatar
      Basementcuts -
      Your multiple personality syndrome is coming along nicely.