• The Team Brew Switcharoo Challenge: Results

    Hello everyone! Last week, a challenge was issued. Take a disparate group of cards and, using only four swaps, transform it into a killer team. To make things more difficult, we applied a special rule: all of the swapped in cards had to be from the same set as the card they were replacing. Several of you submitted teams (thank you!), and it was pretty great getting to see what everyone did with the not-quite-blank canvas they were given.

    If you need a refresher of what the starting characters were, visit the original article (where the challenge was set forth!).

    Before we look at some of my favorite teams, let's take a moment to remember someone that we lost. His name was Bishop, and he was swapped from every single team that was submitted.

    Bishop was a non-starter for everyone who entered the challenge, and for good reason. His ability is... situational, at best. His stats are decent enough, but not for a five cost character that might as well have no text at all. In short, he simply didn't make the cut. That being said, no one card stayed on every team. At some point, virtually every other card was swapped out (Orc for Red Dragon, or Baby Dragon for Blue-Eyes White Dragon...). Bleez, oddly enough, seemed to the loan holdout. Even in teams that didn't utilize her, she remained on the squad. But enough with the overall view, let's get to some of my favorite teams!

    The first team I'd like to highlight was submitted by The Reserve Pool user @Mordred414;


    Here is how Mordred414 got to this team:
    The first swap was Bishop for common Ant-Man.
    The second swap was Blue Beetle for Anger Issues BAC.
    The third swap was Inner Rage for rare Venom.
    The fourth swap was Baby Dragon for rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

    He mentioned in his submission that he created a "fisty swarmy team", and I would have to agree with that. Orc and Blue-Eyes White Dragon can help with getting energy, while Ant-Man and Black Manta can lead the charge. Vibranium Shield can be used to keep them alive while they slug it out in the field.

    I would like to also mention that Good Ol' Mordy was able to do some "cross-swaps", keeping in-set but swapping different positions (a character for a Basic Action, and then a Basic Action for a character). Due to the rule, I thought this was a very ingenious way of handling it. Kudos!

    The second team I'd like to highlight was submitted by @Strange Brew;

    Here is how Strange Brew got to their team:
    The first switch was to take out Bishop and put in Professor X - Trainer.
    The second switch was to take out Baby Dragon and put in Kuriboh - Yugi's Protector.
    The third switch was to remove Orc and put in Red Dragon - Lesser Dragon.
    The fourth and final switch changed out Inner Rage and put in Smash.

    The plan for this team is to field Blue Beetle, then start fielding Black Manta to begin chipping away at our opponent's life. Also, BACs can be purchased using Red Dragon's Global, adding a few more paper cuts. Kuriboh and the Smash BAC allow for some nice removal. The Professor X Global should keep us in plenty of energy to use this team. I feel like this might have been the most "stylish" team, as it really found a good way to utilize the existing characters. Also, any team that uses Kuriboh is ok by me.

    There is one more team that I would like to talk about. This one was submitted by @Nafohw1;

    In their own words, here is how Nafohw1 was able to get here:

    "The thought for this team was to go the villain route since there were a couple of villains already selected. Also, having Blue Beetle makes a villain team even better in that not only does my opponent take damage when I field my villains but also if they field any as well.

    Looking for more characters with the villain affiliation I decided to see about replacing the Vibranium Shield from AVX. This switch was a bit of a no-brainer for me (if not a bit of a cop-out) because perhaps one of the best villains in that set is good 'ole Gobby. He's just too good. He also is another bolt character.

    This leads us to my next swap which was the Baby Dragon from Yugioh with Blue Eyes White Dragon. This change served several purposes. It adds cost reduction, a bit of ramp, and also allows me to KO Gobby and abuse his "when fielded" ability.

    On to the third change. Looking for another villain with some utility, I decided to change Bishop from UXM with Toad: Tongue Lashing. He will provide the team with a bit of removal.

    My final change was to replace the Inner Rage BAC from AVX with the OP card Teamwork. I figured with all of the villains in play it would combo nicely with the team. Also, it will provide all of the affiliated characters with a bonus rather than just the two target characters with Inner Rage."

    There is a lot to like about this team. Admittedly, it does use some of the most powerful cards in the game, and I generally prefer to brew something a little more eccentric. But, it blends together some of the other strategies that were prevalent in this challenge, and is probably the team most likely to survive at the upper levels of play. I think it may even be able to limp in with the common Green Goblin on the back of Blue Beetles Bad Guy Boltstravaganza... but that's just some Monday morning quarterbacking.

    Picking the teams to feature was not easy and, if this were a contest instead of a "challenge", I would not have been able to pick a winner. I really appreciate everyone who sent in their teams, and everyone who reads this silly article every week.

    I do, however, have to ask: What would YOU have done differently? Did one of our featured teams swap out a game winning card? Could you have built a team that utilized Bishop in an amazing and off-the-wall way?

    Please come back next week for a brand new Team Brew Switcharoo. The tentative plan is to do something special to commemorate the release of Faerun Under Siege. Until then, though, keep creating combos and throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks!
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    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      Thank you for the kind words about the team, I had a lot of fun building it. This kind of "brewing" is one of the things I really enjoy about Dice Masters (and why I use this board name). Like you, now I'm interested in figuring out how to save Bishop and still have a workable team. I'm looking forward to the next Team Brew Switcharoo.
    1. Nafohw1's Avatar
      Nafohw1 -
      Thanks for the props Oddball! I really enjoy these exercises you do! I can't wait for another challenge!
    1. Adimantium10's Avatar
      Adimantium10 -
      I just submitted my team... lol. Oops! I've been behind on checking my feedly. That being said, I enjoyed this challenge and look forward to more! These are great articles. I enjoy 'em immensely!