• WKO Regional Championships Live Journal pt. 2

    Attachment 4533 So as TRP staff who are attending various WKO's, we want to keep any and all who are interested as up to date on what we see, hear, and experience as possible. Hopefully Trubie and I get enough time between rounds to drop in and provide a little insight as to what we see and how this goes. If PK is sticking around for day two in Lacey, he may do the same. Rochester, Maryland, and Lacey. Ready? Here we go!


    JT - 717am - Yesterday was kind of a bust and kind of awesome. on the one hand, we got here early to try to rainbow draft, only to find out there were not enough people to fire events. 4 hours later, when there finally were enough people, the store did not have FUS stock to draft. On the other hand, I found AVX in the wild, but not for $4/pack like in the D last weekend.

    Trubie - 8:12am - Breakfast consumed. Registration starts at 9. Event starts at 10. I didn't attempt to hit the venue yesterday to check if side events were happening due to promising Melissa time to do some local shopping. Consider this a mic check to make sure I can post from my phone. Definitely not easy.

    JT - 924-same timing here. About to leave the hotel and travel 1.5 miles to the store!

    Trubie - 1040am - I won my first game. Ironically faced off against Dave Faydal who I traded a full art Tsarina to many moons ago. She came back against me here but thankfully decided not to show up. Dave was cursed with bad roll after bad roll.

    J and I are both 1-0,both faced VS teams. 16 in the event, 2-1 makes the cut after 3 rounds of Swiss.

    Trubie - 1136am - 2-0. Faced a mask ring team 2nd round. Was a race where I had to put out the thumpers and summoned the Purple Worm. I didn't roll as well as I would of liked but who does?
    Melissa is currently 0-1and is in a grind match that is at turns with both players at 20 life

    JT - 1234 - both 3-0. both top 8. Had an INSANE match with @stormyknight. crazy fun. Won 1-0 and sweated like crazy. while small, this is a great community. Time for lunch!

    Trubie - 1228pm - 2-1. Lost to Dan from our store who was running a swarm Lantern Ring team. I tried to race against it, but still needed one or two turns to stabilize and get my answers out. Kobolds and goblins slapped me for 30 some damage just from the ring.
    Melissa lost her game last round. All of her games have gone to time and ended on life totals. Her game 3 is at turns now as well.

    JT - 303pm - 7-0 headed into top 2. Glad I made the change back to Hellblazer... Saving me today. Next opponent just beat guys little brother in the top 4, avenging his loss to his brother in Swiss. Brothers Bovee, we'll done today!
    Trubie - 304pm - 4-1 and made top 8 cut. As did Jerrad Bierce also from Morgantown. Several 4-1s didn't make the cut, so SOS thankfully got me there. Hoping I can continue riding Shai Hulud to the promised land.

    Trubie - 418pm - Out in the first round. Lost to Guy rush, but it took all 3 games. Really mad at myself. My purple worm rolled double fists 3 or 4 times in game 1, and I didn't realize my opponent had parralx till game 2. I also made a massive mistake in game 3 because the pressure of time was getting to me. Still, my team served me well. I'm very proud of it. I shall dub it "The Weirding Way."

    JT - 501pm - delayed entry but I won the event. 9-0 in games today. I was able to sweat a couple out using life as a significant resource. Great day... Really glad to meet some of the players out here. This was a real treat.

    Trubie - 910pm - Late update after the 3 hour drive home. Christian Jahra (pretty sure I have that name right. Remember him from Nationals last year) took it all with a team that had some similar ideas as my own, also using Fabricate, Iron Fist, Elf Theif, Dwarf Wizard and Johnny Storm. Sadly I never got a chance to see how he piloted it though. Jerrad Bierce came in second with a Poly-Hulk/Jinzo build. I took pictures of the top 4, but didn't get a chance to get a picture of the other teams the were eliminated in the first round of top 8. I'll be posting those pictures/team lists with a wrap-up article to come later. Generally was a great (but long) day with really friendly players and Games and Stuff put on an overall fantastic event!
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    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      Get 'er done! Good luck!
    1. Stormyknight's Avatar
      Stormyknight -
      I'm at the Rochester one too! Can't wait to play!!
    1. DavidH's Avatar
      DavidH -
      Was a race where I had to put out the thumpers and summoned the Purple Worm.
    1. Stormyknight's Avatar
      Stormyknight -
      Had a great day of dice masters and loved meeting everyone! Great games!
    1. radynski's Avatar
      radynski -
      Me too, nice meeting everyone. And thanks for some good games, Jthomash.
    1. draven74's Avatar
      draven74 -
      Hello guys. I was at the Maryland Regionals yesterday. I made it to top 8. By the way, I am Heather Cool. Was a great day, allot of fun and great people. If you want my team list I will be more then happy to list it here.
      Black Widow, Tsarina - 4
      Constantine, Hellblazer-3
      Lyssa Drak, Future Sight-3
      Wasp, Founding Avenger-3
      Solomon Grundy, Buried on a Sunday-3
      Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants-1
      Hulk, Green Goliath-2
      Blue-eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon-1
      Again thank you all to everyone, especially my team of people from our area. It wasn't a win for me, it was a win for all of us, they all helped in some way.
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      Quote Originally Posted by radynski View Post
      Me too, nice meeting everyone. And thanks for some good games, Jthomash.
      I've only ever seen such epically bad rolls one other time and it was versus @Randy . had to be less than 1.5% odds to get that unlucky, man. Thanks for being such a good sport about it! The wheels really came off that one game.