• DC World's Finest Starter Video Review: Characters (part 1)

    As promised, we have the next installment of the DC Dice Masters Starter Review. this time going over two characters in the starter set: Catwoman and Batman. Catwoman may not be the most exciting character in the starter, but the versatility of Batman may very well make up for that.

    Thanks again to the wonderful people at WizKids!

    Check back in early next week for the next installment of character reviews: Krypto and Power GIrl!

    If you missed the initial Basic Actions video, it can be found here: Basic Actions
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    1. Squid7201's Avatar
      Squid7201 -
      I just noticed your little mustaches. On point my friend.
    1. StrangeBrew's Avatar
      StrangeBrew -
      It is always encouraging for a player on a budget to see playable combos literally fall out of the pack together.