• A New Series: Leveling Up

    Long time fans of Dice Masters and followers of The Reserve Pool probably know that one of my favorite things to talk about are the "level up" topics. I define level up topics as being about timeless subjects that generally apply regardless of which sets are available or what format you're playing that can help you be a better player. Sometimes these are technical areas, sometimes they're very high-level views of a concept, but they're always about fostering an improved approach to the game.

    So what better way to return to my article-writing ways then to start a series based on exactly that?

    I'm a big fan of good technical play. I'm far from a master at it, but I strive for it all the same because, whether playing draft or constructed, playing my cards better than the person across the table from me means a lot in so many match-ups. Occasionally, it could even sneak out a win that, on paper, is an over-achievement for that deck. It's about playing better. I've learned that I tend to be a nuts-and-bolts spike. If you don't feel like reading all of that (though you should, it's fantastic), the venerable Mark Rosewater defines that as follows:

    "Nuts & Bolts Spike focuses his energies in perfecting his own gameplay. He believes that the ultimate key to victory is flawless play. As such, Nuts & Bolts Spike spends his energy looking within. He tries to understand his own internal flaws and works to improve them."

    This explains my love for draft and my ambivalence toward deck building. Of course, I am strongly biased towards "nuts-and-bolts" being the right way to do things in a competitive environment. It's a pretty analytical mindset and helps cushion the blow of a loss by focusing on process and understanding how good your play was and learning from it.

    It's something that I work on and struggle with - not just with Dice Masters. I recognize that I have trouble focusing on process rather than result sometimes. I can go on tilt (mentally, usually not outwardly) if I'm getting exceptionally bad rolls. Hopefully this series will allow all of us to recognize shortcomings, improve upon them, and also learn where our strengths lie. In general, though, it will be about playing this game and having fun while doing it - just like it always has been!

    In the meantime, if you're interested in hearing some of my favorite level-up topics, here are some TRP Network Podcast episodes that I recommend you pull up in your favorite podcatcher:

    RP # 038: Quadrant Theory
    RP # 039: Know Your Role
    RP # 040: ROT

    TAZ # 003: Decklist Visualization
    TAZ # 004: Evaluating Tourney Results

    Stay tuned for this series, coming approximately every other Sunday!
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      Yeah I don't know what happened there. Good catch.
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      As a fellow nuts and bolts spiker I look forward to your series.
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      Good stuff! Looking forward to it
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      Go Dave, Go!
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      Thanks for the references - didnt know about the TAZ Podcast.
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      How do you access those older podcasts? I can't seem to find anything but the most recent 25. Thanks!
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      Awesome! Glad to see you writing things again, Dave!