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    My names Charlie and I like to play Dice Masters. I like to play Dice Masters a lot. I attended the Cape Fear Games Wizkids Open in October 2014, US Nationals in 2015, and I regularly attend Origins and Gen Con. The past two weekends I was at Wizkids Opens in Orlando, Florida and Lacey, Washington. What a time to be alive!

    Gentlemania, PMA, Finding Fun in Troubled Times

    I went into the event in Orlando as a warm up to scope out the meta and hopefully win a Joker in the side events. As you may have read, Orlando could have been a better organized event. I would have liked to have played side events on Saturday but I was determined to not let that ruin my day or the event. I spent Saturday meeting people and buying a fancy sweater at the Dillards that was going out of business in the mall where the event was being held. Juan, who had travelled to Orlando with me, and I called it a day early and headed to the hotel to play test and rest.

    The extra time testing paid off for Juan. We had travelled expecting him to play a Flying Sidekicks and Big Entrance hybrid but the team morphed into a bolt powered Lantern Ring team that saw him make the top four. I didn’t make the cut after a 2-1 record, more than three rounds in the main event would have been nice but after the third round I found myself chatting with Diego and Zach from Salt Lack City, Andrew from Jacksonville, and Diane Mohsen who lives relatively close to me in Augusta, Georgia! The conversation was enjoyable and I look forward to seeing them all again.

    Before moving on to Lacey it is important to me to stress two things about the experience in Orlando. 1) I stole Diane’s team. Other places I've said I combined our teams but I only changed one card from my team to hers. Diane is a champ and she’s coming to hangout at our weekly event on Sunday. I’m really excited about this. 2) I also strongly believe in Gentlemania. Assuming you haven’t heard my explanation from the US Nationals stream I will simply provide you with this YouTube link to the original source material: .

    Getting the Clan Together

    The event in Lacey was special because it was the first time that The JFL were going to be in the same place. Our clan is geographically spread across South Carolina, Georgia, Olympia Washington area, and Vancouver. We had only met through internal introductions and clan chat. I had been looking forward to meeting Seth and Jenna in person while Indymon and Clint were excited to meet Juan and Dylan. The event was such a big deal to the clan that one of the members who had never flown before, decided to make their first flight a cross country one.

    Friday night we had dinner and play tested well into the morning. We basically hung out until the crew from the East Coast could no longer function. Saturday was a great event run by Jenna and Indymon while the rest of clan played. It was a successful day as I finished in the top eight and Clint finished in the top four. Sadly Jacob and Seth were knocked out of qualifying by clan members along the way. Saturday night we dined like a group of nerds before retiring relatively early, the day had been long. Sunday we played Colt Express and some game about beans before catching flights back home! It was a great experience that really sums up why I love playing games and traveling to do so.

    Fun in Losing - Fun in Winning

    To be perfectly honest, I would have liked to have won both events and there is a part of me that regrets my loses and infinitely replays games in my head looking for the win. Despite losing I still had fun! It feels good to be out played. It feels good to have made meaningful in game decisions, even when they were wrong. It feels good to have made new friends and acquaintances. All of these good feelings are best described by my top eight game against Geoff.

    The moment I saw Geoff’s team I knew I was hosed. His team revolved around Wonder Girl and Ring of Magnetism while things that target did most of my work. I still settled in to do my best to over come the odds. During play some friendly chatter led me to discover that Geoff is from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I know exactly one person from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho so I let this coincidence slip by me. As I was continuing to make bad purchases and feel my bag with things that weren’t going to help me win Geoff mentioned being in the journalism department at North Idaho College. Weird, my friend’s husband is in the journalism department at North Idaho College, and come to think of it his name is Geoff…

    I lost game one and remembered Juan telling me about how Diane beat him by purchasing Johnny Storm and spamming Kobolds and Parallax Global in game two of their match. I decided to heed the advice and do the same. I had a brutal turn four (maybe five who can remember) that saw Geoff take seventeen damage. I was able to sneak the final three damage in as time was being called and we were 1-1. The playoff would be 0-5 turns and whoever has the most life afterward would be the winner. I was in the stronger position but Geoff bombed me with sidekicks to take home the victory. Now was the time for me to make my move!

    I asked Geoff a could of questions about his past. It was confirmed that he used to host my favorite karaoke in the early 2000’s and he originally wanted to name his child Hamburger Touchdown. I then revealed that I used to hangout with his wife a decade or so. How crazy is that? You can read Geoff’s version of the event that includes both our team lists at his blog: http://www.perceptiveperspectives.co...al-tournament/

    You Should Have Fun Too

    People who have seen me play on stream often introduce themselves to me at events and a common refrain I hear is that they like that it looks like I’m having fun. It looks like I’m having fun because I am having fun. I truly believe every type of player, competitive, casual, and whatever else is out there, can have fun playing because Dice Masters is a fun game played by fun and interesting people. Just because you are concentrating and trying to win doesn’t mean that you should ignore the person across the table. Even if it is just before and after the round, take time to say hello, smile, and compliment your opponents team or play. They may just turn out to live near you or be married to a friend.

    Edited to add: If you are near the next round of WKOs you should do your best to go. Even if you aren't a competitive player enjoy a side event or two. Take time to talk to fellow players and make friends.
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