• Welcome to our newest Moderator OddballNarwhal!

    Have you noticed there is another member of team Green around now here at The Reserve Pool? We have recently welcomed our newest moderator to the site OddballNarwhal who will be contributing in a number of ways. If you have been around for a while, you know this guy has a great presence on our site and brings some great and entertaining discussion to our pages.

    I had the chance to interview him about his new position and to give you some info about Mr. Narwhal himself:

    Welcome sir! Tell us a bit about yourself in real life outside of these pages.

    My name is Jon Maness. I am a Hoosier, but now live in Louisville, KY. I am married to a wonderful (and patient) lady. We have a cat (Ivy), and two Russian Tortoises (Penny and Fedor).

    Where do you play DIce Masters at? Is there a favorite store for you and your dice?.

    I play Dice Masters at The Destination, here in Louisville, KY. If you read my blog post (from waaaaay back in September of 2015), you know how highly I think of that place.

    What do you like the most about TRP?

    I discovered TRP when I, in my hubris, decided I was going to start a Dice Masters website with great strategy articles, posts highlighting various cards and combos, and a forum to bring together players. I even had a great name picked out (Hexahedral Heroes). While researching existing Dice Masters sites in early 2015, I stumbled upon The Reserve Pool... and realized that everything I wanted to do had already been done.

    What do you love the most about the community in general?

    I love the general positive vibe that goes throughout the community. Everyone is usually willing to help each other out with strategy ideas, and with providing general silliness. I also love the passion that everyone shows. Even when it almost causes a fistfight over how to rule a new card, I love seeing people get involved.

    What is your favorite DIce Masters card?

    Even though I took second place at our local PDC with a team built around the Batmobile (a fact I'll proudly talk about, at length, with anyone who wants to discuss it), my favorite card is Ant-Man - Pym Particles. I love the Global, and the die's stats. I've even been known to, on occasion, draft more than four copies of Ant-Man in an Uncanny X-Men draft. This is a fact that I have yet to live down with the players in my local scene.

    Do you have any hobbies outside of Dice Masters?

    I collect spores, mold, and fungus.

    I also love tabletop gaming in general, and play D&D Attack Wing on a regular basis. I enjoy reading novels, listening to NPR, and watching professional wrestling. I also believe that, at one point, I had the sixth largest collection of Pac-Man memorabilia in the state.

    What are you hoping to bring to the table here at TRP?

    I feel that I can bring a different perspective on things. I enjoy winning, but I enjoy just playing even more. I like finding uses for cards that may have been lost in the shuffle (so to speak). I hope to be able to write entertaining pieces, and get more people engaged with my favorite game.

    Thank OddballNarwhal for that inside look and welcome to the team! Make sure to check out his weekly series entitled: Team Brew Switcheroo where he gets very creative while helping you practice brewing.
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      Wargfn -
      Love your articles on Swicharoo'ing, if thats a thing.
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      Jwannabe -
      Hope to make it up to louisville for an event soon! Congrats on the promotion.
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      vash989 -
      Wow. Who in their right mind would make this joker a moderator :P
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      Quote Originally Posted by vash989 View Post
      Wow. Who in their right mind would make this joker a moderator :P
      I know, right? This guy is both a maroon AND a numpty.
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      StrangeBrew -
      Huh, he's only about 4 hours from me.