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Randy's Casual Update

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Randy here, with something just a little different. While Dave, Evan, and now Chris can all casually drop info during the podcast, I am currently resigned to the articles I type. So here’s me casually dropping some info about upcoming happenings and what to expect. Hopefully you care more than Spider-Man.

<b style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">The Podcast![/b] Yes, I will be joining the ranks in our podcast as you may have heard Dave mention recently. My mic is on the way from amazon. As Dice Masters continues to grow, the game will constantly change. Characters that were once of no use at all may be seen in a new light as new sets are released. So if there’s an older character that you love (Nightcrawler, Thor, Doctor Octopus, etc) that may have not been considered “good” or “competitive”, let me know and I will tackle it in my section of the podcast. (I’m still trying to finalize a name for my segment.) I will also be digging in to the character’s comic book history and what they’ve been up to recently. “But Randy, how can I get a hold of you, and tell you what character I want you to look at?” Great question. As always, you can leave a comment in the comment section below, or you can find me on…

<b style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Twitter![/b] Yes, Twitter gets its own subsection in this article. I’m getting much more active on Twitter, and have been taking part in some Dice Masters conversation as well as other topics of interest. (general super hero or comic book talk, pro wrestling, Godzilla, punk rock, college football) You can find me, @RLRtheSecond (which is the same as my reddit username for those interested). This is a great way to contact me. I was incredibly reluctant to start using something as “dumb” as Twitter, but it is a great outlet to either promote writing, or be able to let your voice be heard by comic or game creators. I’ve had some very fun conversations over the past few weeks on Twitter, which is a statement I never thought I’d say.

<b style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Events![/b] As you know from reading my most recent articles, I’m now running local Dice Masters events once a month at Underhill's Games, just outside of Akron, OH. Feel free to come join us. Get at me on Twitter, or just hit up Underhill’s website for more info.

<b style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Conventions![/b] I plan on attending Origins later this year and possibly Gen Con as well. I’ve never been to a gaming convention, so I really have no idea on what to expect. I’ve gotten so much more in to gaming over the past year, I’m sure I will be super stoked when they roll around. More immediately though, is Wizard World Cleveland. February 20-22. On the Friday the 20th, I will be attending alone, most likely standing in lines to meet various artists and writers (Rob Liefield!!!) commissioning sketches, and browsing some of the comic vendors. Saturday the 21st I will be in costume with the family. (Not sure of the costume theme yet. I’m sure I will be posting ideas and pics on Twitter leading up to the convention.) We plan on meeting WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler and actor Billy Boyd (Pippin from Lord of the Rings). Then on Sunday the 22nd I will be attending alone again, to pick up any commissioned pieces and make last minute purchases. I would love to sit down and play some Dice Masters with anyone on Friday or Sunday when I’m not in line. Let me know if you’re attending, and we’ll find a time to get in a game. (I may be making a trip out west later this year that could coincide with a Wizkids Open event… but that’s still very dependent on a couple of things, like if they will have Wizkids Open events the same locations as last year.)

So that’s the scoop. I just wanted a chance to let people know what was going on over on my end, and what to expect going forward. Peace out. Roll on.
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  1. Ken Varga imported's Avatar
    Yay for even more podcast content!

    If the mic you ordered doesn't work out (picks up too much room noise) and you ship it back, the ATR2100 and AT2005 both come highly recommended for podcasters. They both are essentially the same mic, the AT2005 just having a bit more pro styling and includes a stand. It varies over time which is cheaper, but at any given time you can snag one of them from Amazon for between $35 and $55.
  2. Chris imported's Avatar
    Randy steps into the...