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WizKids reveals DC Dice Masters Product Line-up, New Dice Photos

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WizKids now has a page up showing off everything that you're going to see when DC Dice Masters is released. As one would expect, this includes the start set and gravity feed, as well as the playmat. Conspicuously absent is the set-up box. Instead, we get what they're calling the "team box," which is a larger box that holds two smaller boxes - one for your cards, the other for your dice. It certainly would make transport easy and nice-looking. At the same time, when I'm playing constructed, I just put my cards and dice in a drawstring dice bag and I'm on my way! Still, this all looks great - give it a look!

New promotional photos on the site also provide a much clearer view of the formerly-unidentified orange die, but I'm ready to say that it is The Persuader, who has been known to carry a fiery halberd.

Those promotional photos also reveal previously-unseen die faces, giving us a better idea of the power levels that we'll be seeing. You'd better believe that Evan will be showing us numbers at some point...
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  1. Ken Varga imported's Avatar
    Maybe it's just my phone, but I don't see a link. ?
  2. Dave imported's Avatar
  3. Dave imported's Avatar
    Lantern Corps and Teen Titans coming in DC Dice Masters War Of Light