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More DC Spoilers!

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The DC Dice Masters rules are available in .PDF format - and as a throwback to yesterday's post, you can note that there are ZERO mentions of serial numbers in there. Fear not!

This rule book DOES give us information about more of the cards that we'll see in this set! Read on!

Basic Actions

According to the rulebook, this one is called "Villainous Pact." This is a nice tool to have <strike>against</strike>forvillain teams. The global is a pretty nifty draw accelerator akin to the Professor X global in the current Marvel set, with similar drawbacks. It could put something even more useful than a sidekick in your prep area though.

What better depiction of anger issues than a bunch of Red Lanterns? Very thematic here! The global boosts your attack, the action buffs your character and now we get a name for a mechanism -<i style="font-weight: bold;">overcrush [/i]- which is what we had otherwise been calling "trample." That'll work.



Batman "The Dark Knight" - Must attack if any villains are active. The Dark Knight can't rest while scum roams the streets of gotham. A nice drawback, something we'd discussed. An offensively-skewed mask!

Superman "Last Son of Krypton" - Cannot be damaged during the attack step. Only trickery - and perhaps some Kryptonite - can get around him. He's staying on the board. Figure out an unblockable strategy with him here.

Wonder Woman "Warrior Princess" - While WW is active, once per turn, you may choose anopposing Villain and force it to block target attacking character. I do love blocker control, and she gives it to you (albeit only with villains). I still like this.

Darkseid "Immortal" - If he's KO'd, he deals damage equal to his attack to up to two target characters. For each character KO'd in this way, deal 1 damage to the controller. Yeah, don't knock him out... he'll give some direct damage on his way out.

Deathstroke "Villain for Hire" - * If Deathstroke is KO'd during attacking or blocking, return him to the field zone at level 1. This ability could onlywork with bursts. I'm a big fan of this, we haven't quite seen anything like this use of burst yet.


The rulebook names several mechanisms that we've dealt with.

Overcrush: When attacking, if this character knocks out all of its
blockers, it deals any leftover damage to your opponent.
Regenerate: If this character is knocked out, roll it. If you roll a
character face, return it to the field (but not the Attack Zone)
Otherwise, move the die to your Prep Area.
Retaliation: If an affiliated character you control is KOd, deal 1
damage to an opponent.
It's nice to see these things get some more flavor within the game.

* * *

That's what we have for now - and really, this is actually quite a lot. We know more about this starter set than we did any of the previous ones, and that's pretty awesome. Anything strike your imagination? Let us know!
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  1. Lars Emil Larsen imported's Avatar

    Great with some info. Just a few comments:

    - Villainous Pact seems to be a good BA for villain teams, not against them.
    - The Deathstroke mechanic is actually the same as Sabretooth - Survivor. The difference is just that Deathstroke's card mentions burst while Sabretooth's has to do with levels, but it's completely the same, as Deathstroke only has a burst on his lvl 2 and 3 face.
    - The introduction of keywords (overcrush, regenerate and retaliation and possibly more) is surely a nice addition (it's shown to be absolutely unavoidable in many other games)...but I must say, I would have liked to see it from the start. It seems quite amateurish not to have included it from launch. The same goes with keyword characteristics (like you talked about in one of the latest podcasts) I'm sure they'll have to include that at some point.
  2. Lars Emil Larsen imported's Avatar
    ...oh and seing the DCDM villain logo I'm just sad that they didn't include villain factions in both MDM and DCDM. Factions is such and underused synergy mechanic in Dice Masters in my oppinion.
  3. Dave imported's Avatar
    VP - you're right. Sabretooth - IIRC just says spin him down one, Deathstroke is going to level one regardless of his original level.
  4. Chris imported's Avatar
    Wow - lots of great info! This is getting me more and more pumped for DC and for the future of DM.
  5. Horatio imported's Avatar
    That Darkseid is REALLY good. Direct damage plus removal that happen right before you'll have a chance to attack? Yes, please.
  6. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Deathstroke burst mechanic also the same as Apocalypse...
  7. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    Superman (Doesn't take damage during the attack step) and Wonder Woman (force opposing villain to block attacking character) sure do make a great couple don't they? The fact that those two cards work well together is awesome given their current status. Can't wait to see the others.
  8. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Love that really thematic Superman effect. And WW lassoing people is perfect as well. By the way that Wonder Woman ability is tremendous because you can target the blocker AND the attacker. Really really lets you control the attack step in a big way. With a &quot;become Villain&quot; global she is scary. And at cost 4? No wonder her stats are sort of low. Love this. Wonder Woman is by far my fave DC hero so I am loving this.