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What brought me to Dice Masters

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Just like every superhero, we all have an origin story. I thought I would share mine. It started in 4th grade and like many of the heroes we look up to I was a social outcast for one reason or another. That was the year I started self pitch baseball ( I know what your thinking, what does this have to do with Dice Masters? ! Patience young padawan). For those who may not know, self pitch is when the kids start pitching to the other teams instead of the coaches. Most times it was who could throw the ball the fastest not the most accurate. Needless to say I got hit EVERY time I went to bat. Eventually my dad had to bribe me to take my turn at bat. "If you get hit, I'll take you to the comic store after the game" he said while swallowing his wallet. So without fail, every Sunday we would stop by the comic store on the way home, my collection ever growing. I mainly read Spiderman and the X-men but all of Marvel was like a giant playground I wanted to get lost in. Fast forward 20 years and a kid of my own later, I was at the store trying to find a board game for my wife and I to enjoy ( it's a lot easier to pause than a video game) when I stumbled upon the last Uncanny X-men starter left in the store. I never played anything else like it before but destiny wouldn't let me put it down. I am sure glad I didn't. It's a new reason to get back into all these characters I beloved for so long and it is one of the best games associated with Marvel in a long time. The future is bright my friends.
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  1. Dave's Avatar
    Someone emailed me today and said that they loved DM because it felt like it was their game. I know what they meant. I like other CCGs/LCGs - like Magic and Netrunner - but this just hit the right spot.
  2. Chris's Avatar
    *Slow clap.* Thanks for sharing!
  3. SJ_Mitchell's Avatar
    Excellent story! Having 3 kids of my own and sharing my love of comic books with each of them, this game drew us all in! Us comic book fans have hungered for a CCG/Dice and we didn't even know it.