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DC Starter Set Characters & Their Dice!

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If you didn't read the big DC spoiler post, well, what's wrong with you?! Get on that! We know quite a lot now about what the set will feature - every character and all of the super rares. But we have some more today thanks to the promo images from that same Game Trade Magazine post.

We can put together every character in the starter set and for a majority of them, all of their die stats.

None of this is too difficult to suss out, but it may require the reading glasses for some.

The starter goes with a few obvious fan favorites and provides mostly heroes with a couple of villains.


Spoilers after the jump, and commentary WAY at the bottom!

The format will be Fielding Cost - Attack Stat - Defense Stat. Bursts are noted where applicable. Energy is noted where known.

Batman - Mask Energy

Level 1 - 1-3-4

Level 2 - 2-5-5

Level 3 - 3-6-6

Superman - Shield Energy

Level 1 - Unknown

Level 2 - 2-7-7

Level 3 - 3-8-8

Wonder Woman - Shield Energy

Level 1 - 0-2-3

Level 2 - 1-3-3

Level 3 - 1-4-4

Zatanna - Mask Energy

Level 1 - 0-1-1

Level 2 - 0-2-2

Level 3 - 1-3-?

Martian Manhunter - Bolt Energy

Level 1 - 1-5-2

Level 2 - 2-6-2

Level 3 - 2-7-4

Green Arrow - assumed Bolt energy

Level 1 - 1-5-2

Level 2 - 2-5-3

Level 3 - 2-?-?


Level 1 - 1-3-3

Level 2 - 2-4-4 (burst)

Level 3 - 2-6-6 (burst)

Darkseid - Fist energy

Level 1 - ?

Level 2 - 2-5-4

Level 3 - 3-6-6


The starter makes sense as a whole.

You needto include the big three - Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman - in this set for all to get. They're a draw for many. They nailed that. They also were smart to include Green Arrow given the success of the show Arrow right now - a show that I, too, love. I feel like Martian Manhunter is a closet favorite of many, and so he's a solid include.

I like Zatanna, but hope she wasn't included for fan service. She regularly tops lists of most attractive comic book characters.

Darkseid is a VERY fitting villain to include given that he is just the sort of big bad that the Justice League would need to come together to defeat.

I also like using Deathstroke. He works on a few levels as a nemesis for both Green Arrow as well as Batman. He's known after the very successful Season Two run of Arrow, which set him up to be formidable indeed.

What are your thoughts on the starter set? Would you replace any characters? Let us know below!
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  1. paradox1995 imported's Avatar
    Awesome! Any idea when this set is supposed to hit stores?
  2. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    Not surprised at all that Bat-God's level 3 can go toe-to-toe with a level 1 Superman yet Wonder Woman's strongest is a 4-4? I'm hoping the card text sets a little balance to that power.

    Speaking of power...

    Darkseid's stats are a little weak. For a character who typically requires the entire JL to take down, I'm surprised his numbers almost mimic Bat-God. Interesting to see his card text, maybe when fielded he gives sidekicks (para-demons) bonuses or something.

    Must. Know. MORE!!
  3. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Wonder Woman is a brawler at heart and I none too pleased that she tops out at 4/4. Although I had the same thought with another Omega-type character, Storm, whose stats I considered to be way too low when I first saw the die - little did I realize then that the Wind-Rider was the same fearsome character in MDM that she is in the comics. I hope the same is true of WW. Seeing as she could probably pick up Green Arrow and throw him bodily into a passing jet plane.
  4. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    Agreed! I'm expecting her card text to make her as dangerous as she should be.
  5. Randy imported's Avatar
    An invisible jet perhaps?
  6. Chris imported's Avatar
    I love that Level 3 Deathstroke! Knockout numbers with a burst. Nice.