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Things We Know: DC Dice Masters

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Lots of good stuff in this January edition of Game Trade Magazine.

First, we get clear pics of a WHOLE BUNCH of dice. We also have a few super rares identified, and they reiterate the three cards - Batman, Wonder Woman, and Constantine - that they showed once before.

Join us after the jump for more.


The Dice

Just look at those! They're lovely! First off, we get a nicely confirmed Booster Gold there, three in from the right. These look fantastic!

Here's who I see:

Flash (Red, bolt with circle)
Wonder Woman (Red w/ logo)
Green Arrow (tan w/ arrow)
Green Lantern (Green w/ logo)
Catwoman (Grey w/ her face)
Green Lantern Power Ring (Green w/ ring)
Blue Beetle (Blue w/ insect logo)
Cyborg (White with red face)
Black Canary (Yellow with bird)
Zatanna (Purple w/ magician's hat)
Deathstroke (Orange w/ his face)
The Atom (Blue w/ atom logo)
Captain Marvel (Red w/ bolt)
Joker (Purple w/ green face)
Martian Manhunter
Booster Gold (Yellow w/ star)
Harley Quinn (Red w/ her head)
Sinestro (Yello w/ Yellow Lantern logo)
Superman (Duh)
Batarang (White non-basic action)
Lex Luthor (Green die with purple Lexcorp logo)
Firestorm (Yellow w/ his head)
Robin (Red w/ Robin logo)
Red Tornado (Blue w/ the last airbender)
Spectre (White with shrouded figure)
Darkseid (Possibly? The color scheme is like the Colossus die, which doesn't follow)
Solomon Grundy (The zombie hand? Maybe?)
Zod (Black & Gold; not 100% sure here; Could be Plastic Man)
Batman (Duh)
Aquaman (Green with his yellow belt logo)
Constantine (Cream w/ Pentacle)
Deadman (white w/ red head/collar)
Brainiac (Grey w/ three purple dots)
Starman (Blue die w/ staff)
Katana (White die w/ mask and red dot)
Black Manta (Black w/ Manta's head)
Vixen (Gold with catlike logo)

I know I'm missing a few here. Help out! It's also hard to see all of these and my brains started to boil after a little while. Here's what we don't have a guess for yet:

Orange die on the far left
The brown and gold one on the right
The tan and blue one on the right

The Super Rares

The article spoils the four super rare cards - Constantine, Black Canary, Catwoman, and The Flash.

We also know their abilities! Here's a quote from the article:

"Constantine – Hellblazer is a great foil to any opponent who only has one focus on winning. They’ll be forced to play around him all game. When The Flash is by himself, he can’t be blocked. Catwoman uses your opponent’s strongest dice against them. Black Canary will clear away your opponent’s potential blockers."

The Organized Play

DC Dice Masters Organized Play will follow the Trinity War event - a five-month cycle. The final OP award will be a villain that is not otherwise in the set. Trinity War was a 2013 event that saw a few iterations of the Justice League battling over Pandora's Box and also brought in Earth-3.
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  1. Chris imported's Avatar
    That's awesome!
  2. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Goodbye, money.
  3. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    It can't get here soon enough!
  4. Jason Kenney imported's Avatar
    As a fanboy I will fit Constantine into my build no matter what!
  5. Horatio imported's Avatar
    For real I was always expecting this set to be great, but this REALLY looks great.
  6. Trevor Williamson imported's Avatar
    The tan and blue one that you haven't identified has to be Swamp Thing.
  7. Trevor Williamson imported's Avatar
    Also, I'm guessing that Starman is actually going to be Stargirl, and the orange one might (???) be Hawkman or Hawkgirl, but I don't know for sure.
  8. Trevor Williamson imported's Avatar
    Also, the black and gold one that you think is Zod looks a lot more like it could be Vibe's face.
  9. Trevor Williamson imported's Avatar
    And I think there's a white and blue one that looks suspiciously like Captain Cold's hood.
  10. Trevor Williamson imported's Avatar
    But, really, who cares about anything else in this pack? I know that the only team I'll be playing ever again will be the JLI, with special emphasis on Blue and Gold. If I don't have Booster Gold and Blue Beetle in every stinking team, I'm ashamed of myself.
  11. B.E.S. Pearman imported's Avatar
    My guesses for the ones you aren't sure about:

    Orange die on the far left -- Chetah
    The brown and gold one on the right -- Creeper
    The tan and blue one on the right -- Swamp Thing
  12. Dr. Blasphemy imported's Avatar
    Black and yellow is Green Arrow Conner Hawke.