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Organized Play!

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Hello there Dicefans!

Check in here today as I share thoughts and exploits from the organized play event I'm participating in today. It should be a fantastic time, win or lose.

Going in, I know it's a rainbow draft. I know that it's the first time this particular store has held a tournament. I know that I'll get to meet Randy face-to-face! What I don't know is what or who I'll be facing!

Along the way, we'll get some video and audio so that we can share today's exploits with you via either or both of the YouTube channel or the podcast.

I'll be updating this post periodically, so check in!


11:55 AM - We've arrived and are fueling up at a Chipotle. We have time to kill and I hear there are waterfalls over here, so we may try to find those first.

12:28 PM - Yeah, we can't find it. To the store!

1:04 PM - We're here! Draft starting in a few minutes. Looks like AVX prizes...

2:13 PM - Won my first game against Randy's brother. He had some iffy rolls and my squad did about as well as it could have. Good stuff. All I wanted was to win one match today. I did that, so I feel happy. I'll talk about my team later.

3:01 PM - Won game two against Ken in dramatic fashion. He had me 13-1 and I was on the ropes - but the right mix of characters and globals enabled me to come back and steal the win in one turn. I was fortunate - he very nearly had me and played very well. Both of my opponents to this point were incredibly gracious people.

6:15 PM - Well, I came in second. We had a lot of fun. Lauren and I both had two wins and one loss, and I think that our first draft went a lot better thanexpected. I totally forgot to update this after we finished at the store, because we went to have dinner with Randy and his family, and they are such nice people. Big thanks to Randy and the people at Underhill's Games for an awesome afternoon.
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