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Podcast 31: Best UXM Dice

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In this episode, we are thrilled to kick off the new year with another episode of The Reserve Pool. There's a bit of banter about recent gaming acquisitions. Then, we look at UXM and all of our extensive testing and unveil - our top ten favorite dice from Uncanny X-Men. It's a light and fun way to start the new year!

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  1. Devin Smithwick imported's Avatar
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  2. Devin Smithwick imported's Avatar
    Glad to hear the podcast back from the holidays This was a great topic, one that I wish I could debate and converse over with you guys. My number one will have to be angel.The colors are perfect and i like the subtlety Angel's die was one that did kind of break the mold by using a white die. Boring to some maybe, but that red on white is just so clean!!! Reminds me of a Old Camaro Muscle car from the early 70's.
  3. tophlayton imported's Avatar
    My favorite UXM dice are those that represent Pyro because it looks like I am rolling a little piece of fire.
    I, since listening to the podcast, too have noticed the more squared edges in comparison to the others on about half of my Pyro dice. I wonder if the part of the manufacturing process where the dice are tumbled to wear the edges was unintentionally skipped or shortened.
  4. Dave imported's Avatar
    I like the Emma Frost die, but sometimes have a hard time reading it. I have to admit that when the set first came out I kept confusing Falcon's die for Angel.