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I'm on the mobile app so I can't do better than a cut-and-paste of the link, but we have lots of new information about DC - including card spoilers for Batman, Constantine, and Wonder Wonan. This version of Constantine is a super rare. I'm definitely getting excited for this implementation of Dice Masters!
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  1. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Well that Wonder Woman sure shuts Gobby down. Thought her stats would have been higher though
  2. daniel galluppi imported's Avatar
    Yeah, the 2 cost super rare Constantine looks awesome. Crap, now I have to buy some of this.
  3. Randy imported's Avatar
    I will probably buy the starter, and a few singles and play sets of dice for specific characters, but budget wise... dunno if I can afford to go all in on Marvel and DC Dice Masters. Very cool to see Constantine make it as a super rare though. I've always had a soft spot for Hellblazer
  4. Marvel Sutantio imported's Avatar
    Same with Randy here, I'd definitely buy a starter and Start up box, but not sure about gravity feeds and completing the whole DC set. I really, really love the flavor, with Batman being the greatest detective, utilizing tools, gadgets, and whatnot, Constantine being the annoying bloke that he is, use his tongue and magic know how to hinder someone. Name definitely refers to demon names. While Wonder Woman refers to her bullet deflecting bracelets - way to counter Gobby too btw.

    But yeah, I agree with Horatio, Diana's stats could be higher, she could be weaker than Bruce is beyond me. Sure Bruce is the best detective with extensive knowledge of fighting skills, but he's still a mortal...
  5. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    Batman = He's known for his contingencies and he makes those basic actions worth going after. Crossing universes I want him in my deck with Angel 'Soaring'!!

    Constantine = Amazing! Nothing like having the power to make your opponent reconsider the character they were going to buy. Talk about 'control'!

    Wonder Woman = Not sure how I feel about her yet. Die stats are nice, especially with a TFC of 2, but her affect is so specific I'll need to wait until I see some villains to determine her value.
  6. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Well Gobby is certainly one villain we've seen that she will affect. Having her out there pretty much shuts him down completely. Scarlet Witch Wanda, Sentinel: Archvillain and Loki Illusionist should also be similarly affected.
  7. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Wonder Woman really should have had an 8 attack side. She's basically Thor-level strength.
  8. Werekin imported's Avatar
    From the comments above, it is fair to say that players are looking forwards to combining the DC Dice Masters release with existing Marvel Dice Masters character cards and dice. It this the intention of the release?

    The energy format is the same and the abilities on these characters seem to marry up with the way they have been worded. DC comic villains can't carry a Hydra logo on them so it does beg the question of how different comic series villains are supposed to team up.

    Similar to the above comments, when this is released I have no interest in collecting a set of DC dice when I can put my investment into Marvel branded characters to complete those sets and with the Age of Ultron set already announced there is no way to justify this level of increased spending.

    Yet if the cards from all sets are supposed to be played against and alongside each other then there are obviously going to be characters from DC series which I would want to include in my teams of Marvel characters. Particularly the Wonder Woman and Constantine cards will be attractive to anyone playing Avengers vs X-Men. But I do wish these fantastic abilities had been reserved for Marvel characters because the issue of whether it is thematically appropriate to be combining personalities from Forgotten Realms and Krynn (Dragonlance) alongside comic book heroes, not to mention Yugioh, is inevitably going to bother people.



    p.s. Batman purchases any dice for 1. With the bracketed text is it clear what this ability means?!
  9. Randy imported's Avatar
    My guess: Like Heroclix, the Marvel and DC sets will totally be cross-compatible. However, I'd be surprised if there are any official Wizkids events that would combine the sets. But casually, you bet you're going to see Superman and Hulk duking it out. If there's no official Marvel/DC Wizkids events, they won't release any sort of ruling on the Villain affiliation, since that would only exist in casual play. As for my thoughts on combining Villains, there will just be multiple symbols to signify the same Villain team.