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Podcast 29: I Need A Hero

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In this episode, a lot is going on. Dave and Evan catch up on the backlog of mail and announce some new features that will be coming to the site soon. Then we look at a new mechanism for Uncanny X-Men Dice Masters - Heroic Characters. What works, what doesn't, and everything in between - we'll discuss that within.

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  1. Dave imported's Avatar
    Thanks for the discussion around the Heroic mechanic. For myself, I'll only use the Heroic versions of characters if I'm playing constructed. Any sort of draft and I don't think I can get enough Heroic characters to make them work well. Every time I field a character I'd like to have the option to pair them up with another heroic character. Since they can't pair up with themselves, I'd like a greater variety.

    This is my mostly Heroic team.

    Take That, Villain!

    Angel Superhero
    Storm Superhero
    Captain America Superhero
    Cyclops Superhero
    Sabretooth Superpowered
    Wolverine Superhero
    She-Hulk Superhero
    Professor x Trainer

    Storm is used primarily to fuel the Professor X global ability. Occasionally I'll field her to trigger another Heroic ability. Based on the latest FAQ, I think her ability doesn't protect you against Imprisoned, so I try to roll double masks with her.

    Professor X is here for his global ability. I try to save 1 or preferably 2 masks each turn to keep my heroic characters moving through the bag. I also need the extra energy to purchase/field some of these bigger characters.

    Angel is an enabler. He is there to pair up with other Heroic characters and then attack and try to cycle through the bag again.

    Captain America is probably the star of the team. I try to get him out early and then pair him up with Angel or Storm. Once I have purchased other characters I'll try to pair them up when possible.

    She-Hulk is there for the life gain. She's also got good stats and is hard for my opponent to get out of the field. Once fielded, I usually will just park her out there.

    I like Wolverine's ability, but I have yet to purchase him in an actual game.

    Sabretooth is the only Villain on the team, so he is there incase my opponent has some Archvillain-like character such as Magneto Hellfire Club.

    I've only played this team a few times so far. Early in the game I've taken a few hits, but once I get She-Hulk and Captain America out there the tied seems to turn in my favor. I'm hoping to take this to a local event, but lately those have all been drafts.
  2. Randy imported's Avatar
    2 things. #1, I'm down with silly voices. #2, I haven't played around too much with Heroic, but the other day I tried mixing some AvX with UXM to build an Avengers team relying on Nick Fury Mr. Anger to get things in the field quickly. The only Heroic Avengers are Cap, Iron Man, and Red Hulk. But, combine those with She-Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Black Panther, and the Nick Fury mentioned above, it was actually a super fun team to play. All of the energy you save by fielding characters for free let's you ramp to your Heroics pretty easily. The problem I ran in to was not having a way to get rid of your opponent's wall of blockers. Maybe Imprisoned or Thrown Car would work well. Like I said, it was surprisingly fun fielding all of those Avengers for free.