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There's some stuff we want to try, and to do it, we'll need help from YOU, the discriminating Dice Masters gamer. As we're making video a factor, and as it becomes clear from your feedback and emails that stories of playing are FAR more in demand than we realized (and that the podcast has become the primo feature of the site), we want to enhance all of these things.

First, on the podcast - we'll talk about it this week on the show - we want to add a segment sharing stories of thrilling victories and devastating defeats. This is inspired by a contest that we ran, and we thoroughly enjoyed the entries to that. Expect us to ham it up as we tell these stories. Keep it so that the entry can be fully read in about one to two minutes. Entries for this should go to with the subject line "victory/defeat."

Second, for YouTube - a lot of people ask questions about deck construction. I'd like to start a regular video segment where we go with a starting point - one to three cards (characters or actions) that you'd like to see what could be built with them. Whether you're looking for a single card or a combo of cards, that'll be the base that we build on. Maybe there's a theme you want to see made into reality. Maybe you want us to attempt a viable team from utter garbage. Regardless - entries for this should go to with the subject line "combo"

We want to be interactive! We want to share more stories of playing the game! This is about FUN, not just strategy, and that's what we want to emphasize.

Thank you for your support!
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