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Character Review: Apocalypse

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AKA, Cat-wearing-headphones-man.

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Only a few more videos that you'll have to deal with hand-held-slightly-shaky camera! Huzzah!
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  1. Dave imported's Avatar
    It's interesting to me that Archvillain has the Max 2 limit instead of Time of Testing. I think that Time of Testing is by far the better ability and for the same cost.
  2. Jared Wood imported's Avatar
    Time of Testing can be dealt with by anyone...eventually. He's amazing 33% of the time, good 33% of the time, and poor 33% of the time - and that's after the 50% chance to roll his character face. Archvillain is super sticky in the situation your opponent doesn't have a villain, so limiting him to only 2 dice makes sense.