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Podcast 28: Archvillains!

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In this episode, Dave and Evan return from the holiday to read a bit of your mail - among other topics, should you feel OK about selling things? We give our thoughts. Then we look at a new mechanism for Uncanny X-Men Dice Masters - Archvillains. What works, what doesn't, and everything in between - we'll discuss that within.

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  1. Dusten McAdams imported's Avatar
    Hey guys, great episode! I think you may have missed Juggernaut - Kuurth. His un-common has an "Archvillian" ability to block extra an die. Looking forward to the Heroic episode!
  2. Randy imported's Avatar
    He's right. Technically there's only 6 "Archvillains", but Juggernaught, Kurth has an Archvillain - type ability, as well as Magneto, Hellfire Club
  3. JT imported's Avatar
    Dave I have (many) extras of the Sentinal Uncommon I can send you for nothing.
  4. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Can't remember if you guys mentioned Magneto: Hellfire Club - he's the guy that makes you take 2 damage whenever you draw dice. He's another of the Archvillain types that doesn't say archvillain on it. You could also argue that Dr. Doom has some "archvillain" aspects to his cards, global.
  5. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Oops I see Randy already mentioned Hellfire Club