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Character Review: Angel

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We'll give video a shot again. No intros, no outros, no frills - these are going to be quick impressions, off the cuff stuff. Little to no editing. Thanks for watching!
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  1. Randy imported's Avatar
    I think Flying High stands out among the 4 Angels, but Superhero definitely has a place. He's a 3 cost Heroic with a TFC of 2. That makes it pretty easy to pair him up with a better, high cost Heroic. Yea, pairing Wolverine with Red Hulk or Captain America is great, but Angel is a quick cheap character to get those Heroic abilities to trigger.
  2. Dave imported's Avatar
    According to the Wizkids official rules forum, Angel Flying High should read:
    When Angel attacks, all other attacking [Shield] characters that can be blocked, must be blocked before Angel dice can be blocked.;=1637

    Angel Superhero works great on Heroic teams since he is one of the two 3 cost Heroic characters. Most other Heroic characters are 5+ cost. Since he is cheap to buy and field he is great at pairing up
    with other Heroic characters to activate their abilities.

    Angel Air Transport works well with Namor The Sub-Mariner which requires two other characters be active to make Namor unblockable.

    Angel Inspiring and Falcon Recon make a good team to get your buffed sidekicks through your opponents defenses.
  3. Levi imported's Avatar
    I much prefer these videos when you review the characters. Keep them up!
  4. Wes C imported's Avatar
    Personally I don't like the red / white dice of this color scheme. It looks like the other action dice!

    One of my dice's halo is also &quot;thicker&quot;. It's like they painted that halo twice.