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Enjoy Your Thanksgiving!

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Due to this week's holiday in the US, we are going to take time with our respective families and take the week off from the podcast. If I get ambitious, I may put up a mini-episode over the weekend but we shall see!

The next full episode deals with Archvillains!

We've had a few requests for a good Dice Masters tutorial and while I think that Rodney Smith is the best, we're willing to give it a shot now that we're giving video the old college try.

We're thankful for YOU, readers and listeners. Thanks for the time, attention, and support.
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  1. JT imported's Avatar
    You are obviously free to do whatever you like, but I don't really understand the delay in releasing the podcast considering you have already taped it. I personally was looking forward to listening to the show during my drive to my family's get together. Again, you're totally free to do whatever, and I'll still be downloading next Thursday!
  2. Dave imported's Avatar
    Recorded yes! Edited? No way! And I won't really have the opportunity to do that until late Saturday at the latest due to travel and family and stuff. Your loyalty is appreciated, however! So that's why I might try to get a short editorial based episode up over the weekend.
  3. JT imported's Avatar
    Ah, yes, editing. I should have realized this. Sorry about that. Thanks for the response and I hope you all had a good holiday!