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Podcast 27: Villians, Then & Now

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In this episode, Dave and Evan announce the contest winners for the recent drawing. Who will win? Find out! Then, we look at the progression of villains from Avengers vs. X-Men through Uncanny X-Men. What themes are prevalent? What's changed? Give it a listen.

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  1. CazzMatazz imported's Avatar
    Great episode!

    I dont know if i understood the part about mystique right.
    I think you talked about her getting +1/+1 for every villain out.
    I dont think she workes like that, i think she works like teamwork was FAQ ruled. She gets +1/+1 for every different villain character out, so if you have 2 toads and 3 pyros out she only gets +2/+2, so that makes her kinda expensive to field with thoose poor stats.

    If you did say just this in the episode and i missunderstood you, then im sorry.
  2. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    Because Evan refused to read any of the DC events, I'll post them here :P

    I want to see a set based around Trinity War. Only because I would want to see what they do with 'The Question' lol.
  3. Randy imported's Avatar
    Regarding the one contest entrant that wanted to see an Age of Apocalypse expansion... One of the UXM prize sets is call "Age of Apocalypse" and will feature Apocalypse, Beast, and Magneto. Hopefully that means we get the villainous Dark Beast and a heroic Magneto with the X-Men team affiliation.
  4. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Hey - you guys mentioned towards the end of the show a combo with Scarlet Witch: Unity Squad and Professor X: Principal. I think what you were getting at is you'd have Prof X. out which would prevent rerolls and then when you activated Scarlet Witch's ability to reroll, your opponent would have to pay 2 life. While that would indeed be fun, it is unfortunately not possible. The reason for this is that Prof X makes your opponent unable to reroll during the roll and reroll step. Therefore, you Scarlet Witch cannot make your opponent reroll during the roll and reroll step. It's the exact same concept of you can't use Cable's global to make X-23: Scent of Murder block. She can't block, so there is no way to compel her to do it. Can't always overrules can. And since it's your opponent's choice whether or not to pay 2 life, they can simply choose not to pay and remain unable to reroll, which shield them from being compelled to reroll.

    However, if it's a really bad roll, they may want to pay the 2 life to reroll. At that moment, Scarlet Witch could do her ability. If the roll is bad enough, the player may decide it's worth it to a) pay the 2 life and b) have his opponent activate Scarlet Witch just to get another shot at what they want in a crucial situation.
  5. Horatio imported's Avatar
    By the way, I loved all the talk about Victor, who is my fave incarnation of Dr. Doom. I wanted to mention my 6 year old son actually had a great idea upon seeing the Iron Man global when we were looking through all our new UXM cards. He thought it would be great to roll Dr. Doom plus a bunch of shields, then make all your own guys Villains, then field Dr. Doom to huge effect while all your own guys survived (because Villain). I thought it was an awesome idea and really want to give it a shot. Was really impressed that my 6 y.o. came up with a totally legitimate win condition for a Villain team!