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Podcast 26: Action!

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In this episode, we have a little back-and-forth about the starter sets and our very first impressions of them. Then, we have a deeper discussion around the basic actions this time around - what we like, what we don't, and if we think they're overall more usable in this set.

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  1. Scott Hill imported's Avatar
    In this podcast episode there is a discussion about Mister Sinister Nasty Boy, and, well, during the discussion, it sounds like, in the game Katie and Evan played, that Evan was using him in combination with one of the Iron Man variants with the 'make a character a villain' global to first get Katie to KO a character via Nasty Boy's global, then make that KO'd character a Villain, so that Nasty Boy's main ability kicked in.

    Is this correct, and if so, how exactly did Evan achieve this?
  2. Dave imported's Avatar
    I believe Evan was probably using Iron Man's global ability to change blocking characters that were going to be knocked out into villains. After blockers have been assigned you have an opportunity to use global abilities. All of a sudden those Sidekicks that blocked are causing 1 damage.
  3. Scott Hill imported's Avatar
    Ah, that would certainly make more sense.
  4. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Just listened to this podcast - great discussion although you left out one of the most explosive and game changing globals in the game. You never mentioned the global ability on the Relentless card!!! Pay [1 Mask] . Target character cannot block. Having this global in play changes the game arguably even more than the global on Prof. X. Such a tremendous game changer and honestly worthy of its own discussion.

    Also, with respect to Take That Villain!, I have used it to good effect against Nasty Boy, especially when there is a large field. You whack Nasty Boy during the main step, take the 1 damage from the KO, then attack with impunity because no more Nasty Boy. Also this is great way to remove a troublesome Toad or Pyro from the field. Also, I've been glad to KO Mystique on a number of occasions when I didn't want her blocking and copying (can be painful when attacking with Nova or Hulk). Also it is pretty powerful to have a targeted 3 damage dealer (one of the only ones in the game) as when paired with Iron Man gives a lot of options for targeted KOs. It's actually a really powerful strategy that doesn't have many answers outside of UXM Storm.