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Hey, Where's the Podcast?

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Hi, everyone. I had all the plans in the world to have it up for today and it's apparent now that this isn't going to happen. There's been a pretty crazy confluence of events this week, first impacting my time to edit the podcast (nothing bad, a lot of good stuff actually, but it ate up my time) and then, when I went to grab the files that Katie and Evan had uploaded this morning, Evan's file was corrupted and unusable. I'm waiting to see if that's something weird that happened with uploading/downloading to Google Drive, and eventually I'm sure Evan can try and upload it again if the file looks good on his side.

Meanwhile, I'm sure you're too busy digging in to you starter sets and gravity feeds to pay any attention to us! Enjoy the game and we'll have this up as soon as we possibly can - assuming the file is in good shape!

Thanks for bearing with us!
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  1. Paul Atreides imported's Avatar
    It can be frustrating when real-life impinges on your gaming world! Looking forward to the podcast, here's hoping for an uncorrupted file....

    Here in the UK, weeks ahead of the timescale I had mentally prepared myself for, I was lucky enough today to bag myself a pair of Uncanny starter sets, and will be playing with my son tomorrow. He doesn't know yet but I also threw a gravity feed into the shopping bag; I'm quietly looking forward to seeing his face when he sees we have 90 foil packs to open and sort before playing: ultimate hybrid constructed team format! Paul.
  2. Scott Hill imported's Avatar
    Wait there... that means... Evan's and Katie's audio are recorded ON THEIR COMPUTERS?!

    I always assumed the poor audio on Evan's and Katie's sides was due to Dave recording everything on his computer!
  3. Dave imported's Avatar
    Well, you give me an excellent opportunity to address this!

    We record our own sides, and then I sync them and put them together. Usually we have a clap as a syncing element. The quality is going to be disparate, however. Why? A few reasons.

    1) I encode the file at a rather low bitrate. This way, even our longest episodes only take up a handful of megabytes. I want those who are downloading or streaming on the go to not have to worry about an impact on their data from our show. It also stays below the mobile download cap that some phones have.

    2) The relative quality is actually my fault. I have some sound equipment, as I am a musician. I record on an MXL990 condenser mic running through an interface. I also just got a shock mount for my birthday. Katie and Evan have some high-quality USB mics (a Blue Snowflake and a Blue Snowball, if you're curious) and while these are good, they're just not going to match what a condenser mic is going to achieve.

    3) I have acoustic foam that I use to deaden up the room that I record in. Most people just don't have acoustic foam laying around as I do, so the room they record in is going to be a bit live. Sometimes the filters that I run to eliminate background noise from Katie or Evan will take a little bit of quality away.

  4. Paul Atreides imported's Avatar
    Played out our first game with Uncanny (no AvX cards allowed!). My son used Evan's Villain team and I threw a random-ish bunch of X-Men together - having spent the previous two hours alternately opening our boosters and sleeving all the unique cards we pulled, I was flagging at his point. I should have put more effort in....I was swept away with a Nasty Boy and Pyro combination. Thanks Evan: officially OFF the Christmas card List!
  5. Lars Emil Larsen imported's Avatar
    Can't wait for the podcast to come up