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Podcast 24: A Rare Conversation

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In Episode 24, Dave and Evan talk about a few games that they've had the chance to play lately. Then, Evan goes over the details for the next contest - which includes the OP Reward Colossus as a possible prize! The episode closes with a discussion of the super rare cards that are included in the Uncanny X-Men set. Also included: FAQTalk.

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  1. Paul Atreides imported's Avatar
    Hi. Cheers as always for the podcast. No surprise on the delay, but good to hear about other games though, and almost certainly I'll be looking at Alien Frontiers that was mentioned several weeks ago in a similar podcast tangent! I’m assuming that anyone here, reading and listening to this site’s output, has at least a passing interest in two-player combat games involving an interesting dice mechanic and asymmetric character powers….? One game that I’m more than a little surprised has not had a mention yet is Claustrophobia (designer: Croc). Militarised Monks fighting Demons in the catacombs of Hell may be a theme that some find a little off-putting…..but me and my young boy love it. The (pre-painted!) figures are great; the tiles that you lay randomly to build the underground map of tunnels are BIG and gorgeous to look at and the scenarios are fun to play and usually fairly challenging for the human (monk) team. I was regularly being beaten into the ground, and I assumed this was solely down to the Demon being overpowered. We swapped allegiances and my son (who I think was nine at the time, possibly eight) then promptly escaped with his human team at his first attempt and had an honourable draw in his second! I think I am one of those players, referred to elsewhere on these pages, as simply a bad player - no matter what super-rare character powers are handed to me. Our next series of games will involve replacing the demon painted figure with some HeroClix versions of Sauron/Witch-King/Orcs that we have: no change, obviously, in the mechanics at all, but it does feel odd to have various demons with different stats always represented by the single figure supplied, but really it’s all about giving us an excuse to have Sauron chasing mortal men through Hell!! Paul.