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You Might Also Like... Sentinels of the Multiverse!

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I love playing Dice Masters. I love talking about Dice Masters. But I also love lots of other games. This feature is dedicated to sharing other games that I enjoy and - ones that you might, too. All have some element that fans of Dice Masters can buy in to - whether within theme, mechanisms, or other intangibles.

If you donít have the game in question and would like to support the site, please consider buying the game through the affiliate link at the end of the article - no tricks, no gimmicks, just an easy way of support for something that you were maybe going to do anyway. They seem to be the same prices as non-affiliate Amazon! If not, that's ok - we still like you!

The Game: Sentinels of the Multiverse

The Designers: Christopher Badell, Paul Bender, Adam Rebottaro

Published: 2011 by Greater ThanGames

Players: 2-5

Key Points: Superheroes, hand management, cooperative play, variable powers

[prbreak][/prbreak]<h3>So What Is It?</h3>
Sentinels of the Multiverse is a cooperative card game in which players take on the role of a team of superheroes that are trying to take down a cadre of super villains.

Each hero is represented by an identity card and has their own fixed deck of cards that represent their gadgets or powers. Cards might be equipment or Ö. , which stay down permanently, or they might be one-shots that go to discard. The villain that theyíre fighting act from their own deck in a way described by the villainís identity card.

Meanwhile, players also need to juggle the issues presented by the environment, which is also represented by a deck. After all - heroes need to watch out for those innocent bystanders and collateral damage.

This sounds like a lot of moving parts, but it really isnít very complicated. The only time the game can seem a little complex is when remembering the modifiers on attacks, but the publishers included tokes that help you remember what is what. The game, like many in the cooperative genre, features some excellent rising tension throughout as hit point totals get lower and the villain's powers come to bear.

<h3>Why Would I Like It?</h3>
Itís superheroes! Whatís not to like?

It involves card play, a lot of player interaction, and varying degrees of difficulty. Sentinels of the Multiverse plays like a CCG that you donít have to ever pay more for, except that itís cooperative and you might want to get an expansion. Thereís a hero archetype for everyone in this game. Chances are, youíll be able to pick a hero whose abilities mesh with what you dig about your own favorite costumed character.

I love the artwork - itís very comic-ish, but in the Silver Age variety, not the modern. I think that a lot of the abilities and theme of the game is trying to pull from and parody that time period. It works for me, though I know that some donít like the artwork.

If you already have the game, I recommend the Shattered Timelines expansion. Why? Because it includes my favorite hero in the Sentinels universe, Chrono-Ranger. Heís essentially a cross between Booster Gold and Jonah Hex. Is it any wonder that I like him?

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  1. Randy imported's Avatar
    Dude, I love this game. I don't own it myself though. I might have to click on that link...
  2. JT imported's Avatar
    What was the name of the game you guys talked about a few episodes ago....something winter. I remember looking it up at the time but have spaced the name of it since then....