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Podcast 22: Care and Feeding of Dice Masters

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In this episode, Dave, Evan, and Katie get back to business with the first FAQTalk in a while. Next, we answer a bit of mail that has come in since the last time we answered the mail. Finally, we close with a discussion of storage solutions now that we're getting more cards, and with an eye toward the plethora of Dice Masters to come.

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  1. Jared Wood imported's Avatar
    Here's my reasoning I posted on BGG regarding why Psylocke - Betsy Braddock should refer to purchase cost:

    Considering the general downgrade of power level for this set, I don't see a four cost that 100% of the time assassinates >90% of the existing characters (an ability we never had in AvX) as a possibility.
  2. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    Without having listened to the podcast to know why this post is relevant, I agree. I think that the term 'cost' means purchase cost. Fielding cost, in my opinion, is a very specific attribute and if they were talking about that...they would specify.

    I think it states 'including sidekicks' because they don't have a purchase cost. Excluding them would've created a different set of questions; players would want to know if they're fair game as well.
  3. Horatio imported's Avatar
    I'm almost 100% certain that it's purchase cost. It would make very little sense for the various incarnations of Psylocke to target such vastly different things. Just another case of poor editing.
  4. basementcuts imported's Avatar
    For storage I am using Joann fabrics plastic art bin bead box with two extra packs of dividers for $17. It holds my full set of AVX cards through OP 5 double sleeved and plenty of room to pull dice per compartment. Just started the same for UXM. For constructed tournaments I have the hard sided ultra pro box with the bottom compartment for dice so I can travel light.
  5. Randy imported's Avatar
    Awesome podcast, and thanks for the kind words towards the end. As far as storage goes, I have my dice in the flattest clear tackle box I could find at Dick's Sporting Goods. It was like $8. Sine I just carry things in my messenger bag, I made sure I got a box flat enough that I will be able to fit 3 or 4 of in my bag, along with my 3-ring binder full of cards. I might get a small card binder, 4 cards per page, and put my constructed and draft teams in that prior to an event. But right now there's no problem dragging everything with me to an event.
  6. Horatio imported's Avatar;=1571HGJTSKK0JCJJ92 XJ

    I put my stuff in a Plano Box. I have the whole AvX set and about 85% of the UXM set and EVERYTHING, including dicebags, paper playmats and all my cards (in sleeves) and dice, fits inside that one box.

    Follow the link above - they are selling them for just $10 which is a really great deal!
  7. Michael Charlton imported's Avatar
    You claim in the podcast that there are no cost 2 characters with a TFC of 6. Man, first you badmouth Johnny Blaze, then you deny his very existence. Vengence is such a cruel mistress.