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Podcast 21: Churning to the Next Page

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In this episode, Dave, Evan, and Katie talk about the most recent contest that TRP is doing. Next, we answer a bit of mail that has come in since the last time we answered the mail. Finally, we close with a discussion of churn and tempo in Uncanny X-Men and how new characters and rules will impact this.

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  1. Randy imported's Avatar
    Great podcast. A few thoughts I had listening to it.
    -rolling 6 sidekick dice to get 6 energy on my 2nd turn is something my entire strategy hinges on... I'm glad to see everyone is coming around to my way of thinking. But if that becomes the new meta... Well... I will have to find a way to destroy it.
    -regarding the latest contest. Just as Katie will give props to anyone who submits Sue Storm, If anyone submits Daredevil, they will get a resounding "Amen!" from me.
    -I'm really digging the idea of the Ant-Man / Magik combo. The beauty of that, is you wait until blockers are declared to play the global. If she is unblocked, switch the A and D values. If someone tries to chump block her wit a sidekick or weak character, you dont swith the A and D keep her alive. If they throw enough blockers or a big enough character to knock her out, switch the A and D to go down swinging taking as many blockers down as you can.
  2. Werekin imported's Avatar
    Screw Daredevil man! Surely it must be Elektra as the character more of us are holding our breath over.
  3. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Just played in the Chicago WKO Friday rainbow draft. Will be heading back again tomorrow for more. Some really fun combos going on. First off, let's not be so quick to judge Emma Frost. There are a LOT of powerful and very annoying fist characters and having someone that will a) defend better against them and b) ping back a point of direct damage every time she blocks is pretty good. Mr. Sinister Nasty boy is awesome. Especially paired up with Mystique Alias:You. She copies the attack value so often you have to block her, but since she stays at 1D always gets KOed for the 1 damage from Nasty Boy. It can be pretty brutal. Falcon and the unblockable SKs (another annoying Fist characters) can get pretty crazy. And the unblockable Namor is going to catch a lot of people sleeping. Really impressed with the Uncanny set after the first play. Another thought, Rally and the prof X global do not play nicely together.