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UXM Rolling Release?

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A friend in the industry told us that UXM is going to have a rolling release schedule and that as far as he knows, it starts with the set-up boxes, which he'll be getting in to his store this week.

This is the same fellow who helped us with those spoiler pics from the Alliance dealer demos, so it's fair to say that he's credible.

Apparently, something new will be coming each week all the way up until the wide release, so start checking with your FLGS. UXM Dice Masters items may begin flowing soon! Your mileage may vary depending on what your store has ordered.
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  1. Mathew Tucker imported's Avatar
    Awesome to hear!
  2. Horatio imported's Avatar
    I'm playing at the Chicago WizKids Open this next weekend so I hope to see a lot of product. Rainbow drafts have been scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the constructed (boo) AvX event on Sunday. I'll let you guys know what I see in stock at the Dice Dojo.
  3. Horatio imported's Avatar
    To be clear, the Rainbow drafts are 100% Uncanny.
  4. Werekin imported's Avatar
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  5. Werekin imported's Avatar
    Alliance Dealer Demos. Even though I have no idea what that is it answers my question from the previous spoiler blog post.
  6. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    Looking forward to getting my hands on some UXM earlier than expected!
    Wonder what the odds are that the shop will have UXM before they get more AvX?
  7. Horatio imported's Avatar
    My prediction is Uncanny will be plentiful and much easier to get than AvX. There are people who still want to get into this game for sure, but if you think about it, the AvX set put a huge dent in the addressable market for this game. So a) right out of the gate for Uncanny this 1st printing is probably a lot bigger than any single AvX printing and b) you don't have people clambering just to play their very 1st game. By the time Uncanny and Justice League and perhaps another printing of AvX are all in stores at the same time, I think we'll can expect a huge increase in product visibility and supply. OP draft games will be no problem for the foregoing reasons in addition to the fact that each box is a bigger buy, so perhaps will discourage people just snapping them up like with AvX. $60 for an AvX box is a normal price point for a game so people were willing to just grab one. At $90 MSRP, now it's a bit more of a decision.
  8. Tom Favazza imported's Avatar
    Hey, have you guys posted anything on the 22nd rules yet? I was wondering if anyone had tried them out yet.
  9. Tom Favazza imported's Avatar
    That was supposed to say 2 vs 2, not 22nd.