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Podcast 20: The New Meta

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In this episode, Dave and Evan have a stranger in their midst, who fills the guys in on her exploits. Then, we look at some of the recent rules modifications that have come out. Finally, we discuss the cards that have been spoiled that we think will have a strong impact on the meta moving forward.

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  1. shawn ely imported's Avatar
    I missed Katie! Thanks for another great podcast. I think you guys are pretty on point with the all-stars from UXM. I'm worried about that elephant in the room as well PX!
  2. Katie imported's Avatar
    Aww, thanks! We'll just have to see how UXM goes.
  3. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Toad has the potential to be a very problematic character for a lot of teams - extremely disruptive - I'm psyched to see what good old Mortimer can do!