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Lots of Uncanny Stuff!

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While you're waiting for the podcast to come up, Hunter from Weaponsgrade managed to get his hands on a copy of the Uncanny X-Men starter set as well as a booster box and did an unboxing and review. We're licking our chops looking at these characters and dice! We've embedded the videos after the jump.

[prbreak][/prbreak]<h3>Unboxing: Booster</h3>

<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="//" width="560"></iframe>

<h3>Review: Starter Set</h3>
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  1. James Rowe imported's Avatar
    If you look at the angel die, the attack and defense are flipped to what it says on the card.
  2. Jared Wood imported's Avatar
    That's because he placed a Falcon die next to Angel on accident. If you skip ahead to 17:28 in the video, you'll see Falcon's die next to his card. The video on the starter set also shows the correct dice next to his card.
  3. James Rowe imported's Avatar
    Of course thanks for the mistake fix thought it slipped wizkids again
  4. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    I love that if you put Cyclops &quot;Superhero&quot; and Wolverine &quot;Superhero&quot; together, they can knock out up to 4 characters AND deal 2 damage to your opponent!

    Bromance in full effect!
  5. basementcuts imported's Avatar
    Was there anything new in the uncanny rules book about the arch villain heading? Wondering if a new mechanic will come in similar to heroic.
  6. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Yes, you just have to make sure you field them in the same turn otherwise the Heroic effect doesn't work. This might be a good use for Cerebro Mutant Hunter to make sure you can get them both out at once, but could be tricky. Then again, potentially game ending. Also pair it up with Teamwork and really have some fun!
  7. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Nothing in the rules, but all of those guys seem to have an &quot;if your opponent has no villains&quot; effect.
  8. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    Pair them the same turn? It was to my understanding that when a heroic character is fielded, you can pair it with another heroic character 'until the start of your next turn'. They don't have to be fielded together.

    So if Cyclops is fielded, you can pair him with Wolverine if he's already out there. The pairing only remains for that turn though. Which means you should attack as soon as they're on the board together.
  9. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    &quot;you just have to make sure you field them in the same turn otherwise the Heroic effect doesn't work.&quot;

    I don't think that's accurate. If a heroic character is on the field, when you field another heroic character, you can pair them up and it lasts until the start of your next turn. There's nothing indicating that they have to be fielded together in order for it to work. The idea is that since it only lasts until your next turn, you can put out another heroic character and pair it up with another one already on the field. Keep attacking with them and keep re-fielding them (unless they go unblocked) if they get KO'd, so they can continue to be re-paired up.
  10. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Oh yes you are correct - wow that's way easier!
  11. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Such an excellent thematic mechanism. Loving this new set.
  12. pitchfork imported's Avatar
    Apocalypse common plus the global that switches A and D (ant man?) !