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Some new spoilers have come out today.

You may have seen some of them on Facebook, but that's not what I'm talking about. That's newsworthy, but this is about the future!No, I'm talking about a friend of the blog who asked to be credited as Superdan567 about MANY upcoming cards and sets. Some of it involves things that we knew were coming, but now we have more concrete information about it.

Here we go.

<h3>DC Dice Masters</h3>So this is a thing. We knew it was happening. But we can see things now! Check it:

So we know that Solomon Grundy, The Flash, Batman, Joker, Firestorm, and Superman will be a part of this from the pictures. The dice demonstrate Wonder woman, Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Martian Manhunter, Deathstroke, and many more. This excites me - I'm extremely hopeful that the presence of a Blue Beetle die means that we'll see my guy Booster Gold.


We appear to have the same energy types for DC as we do Marvel. Grundy's symbols seem to indicate the possibility of either multiple affiliations or something else similar.

<h3>D&D;: Battle of Faerun</h3>Here's some new stuff about Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters.

I can't make out a lot of that beyond the Red Dragon.

<h3>Uncanny X-Men</h3>Let's not forget about the next set. This gives us OP news.

Primarily, this gives us information about the OP rewards. It seems that there will be shorter OP cycles:

[u][*]Days of Future Past, featuring Kitty Pryde, Sentinel, and Wolverine.[*]Age of Apocalypse, featuring Apocalypse, Beast, and Magneto[*]Phoenix Saga, featuring Emma Frost, Phoenix, and Marvel Girl.[/list]
</h3><h3>Age of Ultron</h3>There's not a lot here, but clearly it's something that's happening.

This is a full set, and someone who is more "up" on Marvel than I can tell you who the blurs below are:

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  1. Jordan B imported's Avatar
    Can't wait! Bottom is Carol Danvers Captain Marvel, Ultron, and Agent Coulson
  2. Ryan Carroll imported's Avatar
    If Phil Coulson doesn't have some way of returning to the field when he's KOed, I shall be sorely disappointed.
  3. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Whoa so cool!! This is really great! I have no need of money! Give it all to WizKids. Very very excited about this.
  4. Marvel Sutantio imported's Avatar
    Phil Coulson!!! Love how the OP supports the different X-Men arcs in their run. Especially the classic ones, they could've go with House of M, Messiah Complex, Schism etc (especially since Schism leads to AvX) but they opted to go with the classic, legendary X-Men story Arcs, well done indeed WK!

    As for the DC Dice Masters, from what I can recognize, the characters are :
    The Cards : Solomon Grundy (gray hand coming out from the grave symbol), John Constantine (white, pentagram symbol), Flash (red yellow flash symbol, duh), Batman (yellow bat symbol), Superman (red blue S symbol), Firestorm (not certain which dice, there's a yellow with red outline one), Joker (the purple with green line laughing joker face symbol).

    The Dice : Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Deathstroke, Deadshot, Red Tornado (looks like Aang from Avatar, wtf man!), Black Manta, Darkseid? (the Omega symbol), Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Zatanna (top hat symbol), Catwoman,... the ones that I'm uncertain are Sinestro Corps?, Spectre? Two Face? Catman?
  5. Horatio imported's Avatar
    I'd love to see Swamp Thing in the DC set. That'd be really cool.
  6. Nate Smelley imported's Avatar
    Lex Luther smack dab in the middle, green die with purple ink. And the die to the left of Deathstroke I have high hopes that its Green Arrow. The yellow one with a black bird is most likely Black Canary
  7. Marvel Sutantio imported's Avatar
    Nate, that &quot;Deathstroke&quot; one you mentioned is actually Deadshot, similar half colored but different. Deathstroke's dice is just under The Flash' card. The color is orange, with the right side of the face being dark blue (Wade's functioning eye is his left one), whereas the the one under Wonder Woman's die is Deadshot's

    I dunno about that green die, but it looks like another GL ring to me. Maybe John Stewart's or Kyle Rayner's?

    Ah yes I didn't recognize the Lex corp symbol, you're right, the yellow die with black bird is probably Black Canary, on its right is a Harley Quinn die (between said yellow die and Zatanna's)
  8. Jordan B imported's Avatar
    The deadshot one looks more cyborg like to me.
  9. Marvel Sutantio imported's Avatar
    Ah now that you mention it,... I think it is Cyborg... I thought it's Deadshot because of the color scheme lol.
  10. Ryan Carroll imported's Avatar
    I'm positive one of the dice on the far left is a Green Lantern Ring action die.
  11. Ryan Carroll imported's Avatar
    I like that they're moving to larger OP kits. Should make it easier for us collector types to get a hold of the Prize cards without resorting to eBay.
  12. moktaskmaster imported's Avatar
    Well, what I see here are some dates. Unless this is a new set announcement for D&D; Dice Masters, the date has slipped from November 2014 until &quot;Spring 2015&quot;. That could be could be as much as 6 month slip in date......
  13. clonedpoop imported's Avatar
    Actually the pictures were taken from a guys album on HCRealms;=2

    They've been up for a couple days. I was surprised no one had linked them earlier.

    So unless superdan is the same guy. He should probably give proper credit.
  14. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    This is amazing! And while I LOVED playing D&D; as a kid, this Dice Master's set doesn't really intrigue me. I'd much rather play the actual game, but who knows...maybe I'll change my mind when I see it. I'm curious to see what the theme is behind it all.

    Bring on the DC set! I just hope and pray they ship enough for us to get our hands on it and play the game!
  15. Werekin imported's Avatar
    Coulson lives!!!!
  16. Kat Farmer imported's Avatar
    I hope I'm not double posting this. I tried to post and didn't see my comment.
    D&D; Dice Masters Cards that I can see are:

    Red Dragon
    Dwarf Cleric
    Elf Wizard

    I can't see the top card.
  17. JoshuaWilburn imported's Avatar
    well since the game has returning from being KO'd a possibility, I would hope so. I might also see something like &quot;When in the KO area, all fielded Avenger characters get +2A/+2D&quot; or something like that.
  18. JMarkulin imported's Avatar
    So, a Forgotten Realms set and no Drizzt or Elminster in the forefront to sell it? Odd...
  19. Werekin imported's Avatar
    Clearly this is some kind of product seminar held on a projection screen. With individuals taking pictures on their camera phones. Any idea where all this 'business' takes place?!
  20. Nate Smelley imported's Avatar
    I know its kinda old, but I came back to check something and in the DC set, Constantine is behind grundy