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WWHOP! There it is!

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I've tried to have a discussion about the OP reward cards with each one that has come out - either on the podcast or here - and the next one up is Wolverine: "Walking his Own Path."

Well, ok, we missed Thor, but you might know that we're not huge fans of Thor here. Well, not his cards. The movies were fun.

Unlike Spider Man, I don't know that I have a deck for this one. It doesn't seem like a card that you build around, but rather something more like a safety valve.

Walking His Own Path (which fittingly lacks the X-Men affiliation) has a pretty interesting ability and with the cost of the card combined with the necessity for your life total to be under 10 to get any benefit at all from the card, it's clear that this is intended as a late game fix.

I've had a pet peeve in the past for "win more" cards in games like this, the cards that give you the ability to win more than you already are but lack the ability to bring you back from the brink or break a stalemate. Well, I don't think that he's one of those at all. This guy gives you a valuable resource when you're on the edge of life - time. Time to live for one more turn. Some Dice Masters games stall a bit before the decisive play. This helps to ensure that the decisive play is less likely to happen to you.

And, since it's an "attack" trigger, he can't lose his benefit by being distraction'd back.

On the flip side, wouldn't it be devastating if you used a die that could steal or copy this version of Wolverine from your opponent's field and use the ability for yourself? I think that this is the play that we'll see a lot of if Walking His Own Path ends up seeing time in decks.

I would consider using this in constructed. I probably wouldn't bring it with me for hybrid. If we were playing the Daredevil Draft that we discussed long ago when the game was new, I'd still likely want "Formerly Weapon Ten" before this guy. That said, there aren't a lot of healing cards out there. We'd love to hear what your experience with this guy has brought on!
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  1. Spike Kelley imported's Avatar
    I'm hopeful that functional character cards are released with each OP. So far, I'm not seeing these cards as anything more than "unique" for collectors. Which is righteous, cause I know that I'm eating them up...but they aren't going in my competitive decks!