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Podcast 15: GenCant? GenCon!

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Still here on a Thursday, just a few hours late. GenCon has come and gone and we want to see what it all means. What can we expect from Uncanny and what does it mean for the future of Avengers vs. X-Men? Also included: Mailbag!

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  1. Dave imported's Avatar
    Thanks for another good show. It would be nice if WizKids did something like reveal one of the new Basic Actions and or Character cards each week up to the release.

    I saw on BGG that one of the GenCon attendees was told that an official Dice Masters rules forum was in the works. I wonder if this will be similar to their HeroClix Rules forum that was recently announced.

    After looking through the images provided by Roll For Crit (thank you!), I wonder if there will be any synergy between She-Hulk: Lady Liberator and Storm: Lady Liberator. Also with Magneto: Hellfire Club and Emma Frost: Hellfire Club.

    The turn order pictured in one of Roll For Crit's images is pretty much the same as the existing AvX rulebook. The only differences I can see is that they highlight the step "Both players can use global abilities" in red. Also at the end of the Clean Up step they have an additional line
    "Only energy dice can remain in your reserve pool at the ..."