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Finding Uses for Spider-Man

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Spider Man "The Amazing" came out and, from the looks of it, had two main reactions. It was either Wow, that ability looks powerful" or "Wow, that ability looks expensive." I've fallen on the latter side, but I'm an optimist!

So, I've been trying to find the core of a team that could get enough fists to power him and get us to a point where we could win. I don't know if I'm there yet, but I'm making some progress.

Right now, I think that core is:

Black Widow: Tsarina
Deadpool: Assassin
Spider-Man: The Amazing
Green Goblin: Norman Osborne
Silver Surfer: Any

This deck needs to be aggressive to work, but there's a strong potential here if we can find way to reliably get three fists out at the right time.

First, we need to purchase Black Widow and Deadpool in the earlier going, while also using NOGG and Surfer to get dice into prep and reach for a Spider Man as fast as possible. Tsarina keeps you in it early game. Use NOGG correctly, and it's easy to be rolling 6-7 dice every turn - you have an excellent chance of getting the fists that you need to fuel The Amazing.

The ideal field when we make our big play would be:

One to two Deadpool dice
One to two Tsarina dice
One Spider Man - The Amazing, supported by fists in your reserve pool.

Your attack step?

  1. Declare all of them; resolve effects:
    1. Trigger Spider Man's ability
    2. Trigger Tsarina's ability
    3. Use Deadpool to control blockers
  2. Opponent declares remaining blockers and effects again resolve
  3. Actions and globals, as needed
  4. Resolve Damage

The Deadpool dice will give you the chance to get Black Widows and or/Spider Man through to damage the opponent. Even if the opponent has 20 life at this point, (s)he will likely leave your attack step being well below eight.

The question is - will this be enough to actually win? It certainly gets you close, but could also set the stage for a big counter-attack. Your safest bet is to make sure that your opponent is down a few hit points before you make your move.

More as I figure out what the heck I'm doing here! This is a bit complex and is likely too big to truly be viable - that said, Tsarina keeps you strong early game, and the others do provide decent support.
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  1. paradox1995 imported's Avatar
    Awesome read Dave. I love coming up with ways to make the higher cost heroes meta-viable. I'm looking forward to giving this version of web-head a test drive.
  2. Werekin imported's Avatar
    So far the most impressive thing I've done with Amazing Spider-man is copy his ability with Rogue, pay 3 fist energy and half my opponent's life total from 5 to 3!